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Michael Godard – Artist of Olives, Strawberries and Grapes

Michael Godard has quickly established himself as one of the top selling artists worldwide. His gallery shows regularly sell out and his art can be found throughout homes and businesses all around the globe.

He’s a superstar in the art world, captivating people with his vibrant imagery that blends imagination with humor. He painted guitars for double platinum rock band Dishwalla as well as artwork for St Jude’s and other charities.

Early Life and Education

Godard was raised in a wealthy Franco-Swiss family where poetry and philosophical texts were regularly read aloud. These literary references can often be seen throughout his films and are evident through intertitles embedded into intertitles.

Robert is also well-known for his olive-themed paintings, which have been utilized in advertising campaigns for vodka as well as decorating officer’s lounges on US Navy aircraft carriers.

Many of his paintings feature olives enjoying martinis while recreating pop-culture landmarks or falling in love. His artwork has become an indispensable fixture in bars, restaurants and liquor stores worldwide – Park West Gallery features many of his most acclaimed pieces.

Professional Career

Godard is an award-winning painter with an impressive clientele of rock stars, celebrities and private collectors alike. His paintings often depict humorous or engaging scenes featuring olives, strawberries and grapes portrayed anthropomorphically – which blend realism, color technique and humor to draw audiences’ interest.

Godard has appeared on numerous shows, such as HBO’s Cat House and A&E’s Mind Freak with Criss Angel. Additionally, American Casino, Inked and several others have showcased him and his artwork adorning bottles with his brand of gin or vodka bearing his brand name.

Godard took action after losing his daughter Paige to brain cancer in 2006 by channeling his grief into charitable acts. He works closely with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital as well as creating his own foundation dedicated to aiding families fighting childhood cancer.

Achievement and Honors

Godard is an internationally acclaimed artist renowned for his martini-themed paintings that have sold millions. His originals are highly prized among celebrities, musicians and collectors while his sold out giclees often fetch high resale prices on the secondary market.

“Rock Star of the Art World”, has an intimate connection with olives that appear prominently in his paintings alongside whimsical grapes and moving strawberries. His works exhibit his extraordinary creativity while remaining funny and entertaining at once.

Godard may appear like an outlaw with tattooed arms and hang out with bad boys, but his heart of gold shines through as evidenced by his generous contributions to numerous charitable causes and raising funds to fund research for the disease that took his daughter’s life in 2006. When offered an honorary Oscar by the Academy in 2016, they received a cordial response.

Personal Life

Godard has long been active in charitable works, supporting organizations such as the Sharon Osbourne Colon Cancer Program and Make-A-Wish Foundation. Additionally, he regularly offers support to military members and their families.

Godard creates amusing paintings based on people he knows or acquaintances of his. The lively characters found within his artwork evoke laughter and emotion in equal measures.

Art by Jaime Arce has become collectable among people from all walks of life – rock stars and celebrities included. His paintings can be seen hanging in liquor stores, hotels, restaurants and merchandising kiosks worldwide; even being displayed in the officer lounge of the Pentagon as well as every Navy Aircraft Carrier worldwide!

Net Worth

Godard’s paintings can be found everywhere from galleries and hotels to hotels, restaurants, casinos, television shows, books and merchandise kiosks all over the world. His art has even graced several magazine covers as well as documentary features about him.

His anthropomorphic olives and strawberries have quickly become sought-after collectors amongst celebrity collectors such as Ozzy Osbourne, Rob Zombie, Motley Crue and Criss Angel – to name just a few! Additionally he has provided exclusive guitar designs for Guns N Roses guitars, book covers album covers as well as sculptures for St Jude’s Hospital.

His latest paintings have quickly become immensely popular as they depict life in Las Vegas with a whimsical flair. Each canvas print comes complete with an official certificate of authenticity for an eye-catching addition to any home, bar, or restaurant!

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