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A Look at the Life of Greg Merage

Greg Merage has accomplished much in his lifetime, from co-founding a highly successful tech company to engaging in charitable work. Here’s a snapshot of some of his greatest feats.

He had equity from Monte Mar and Boardwalk properties as well as rent payments from individual property rentals he managed each month that could easily have been put towards paying down his mortgages.

Early Life and Education

Merage family settled in Southern California like so many other Persian Jewish families who fled Iran while Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi was still in power, building their community center that bears their name and leaving behind an imprint that gives back to local communities.

Paul Merage may be less well-known than his brother Greg Merage, but both brothers have achieved remarkable success as entrepreneurs. Paul co-founded Chef America which revolutionized instant frozen foods. More recently he has made efforts to give back through charitable organizations such as Merage Foundation.

Paul Merage recently made several noteworthy contributions to his community, such as making a gift of $2.2 million towards expanding the University of California Irvine School of Business – later to be named in his honor – and through his involvement with the Merage Institute for U.S.-Israel Trade fostering cooperation between Israel and America.

Professional Career

Greg Merage may be better-known than his brother Paul Merage, but Paul too has had plenty of success. He co-founded tech company Broadcom and is known as an active philanthropist with various causes he supports; such as helping build a community center serving local families including those with children.

Paul and his family also contributed $30 million to UC Irvine, with its graduate business school being named after Paul. Additionally, they’re involved with efforts to preserve Iranian culture.

UC Irvine offers MBA students the unique experience of studying abroad for one quarter in Latin American or Asian countries, or participating in its Applied Consulting Course with faculty advisors advising companies on real-life issues.

Achievement and Honors

Greg Merage has earned immense respect as an accomplished entrepreneur, having amassed many achievements that have brought him immense recognition. These include co-founding the global technology company Broadcom and creating Chef America (more commonly known as Hot Pockets).

Merage is well-renowned as both an innovative businessman and generous philanthropist. He has donated millions of dollars to various causes related to education and medical research.

An active donor to the University of California Irvine and contributor of its Merage School of Business. He and Lilly made history when they made a $30 million gift that at the time became the largest donation ever received by them both.

Personal Life

Greg Merage may be better known for co-founding an innovative tech company, but his brother Paul Merage has also accomplished much success. He created one of the world’s most beloved frozen treats while being an active philanthropist.

His $30 million donation to the business school at UC Irvine stands as one of the greatest gifts ever given to that university, as well as a separate contribution of $3 million toward building the Jewish Community Center of Orange County.

He enjoys spending his free time with family and friends, playing golf and tennis as well as supporting the arts through membership in Pacific Symphony as well as sponsoring several educational philanthropies.

Net Worth

After selling their company, Paul Merage and his brother went full force into philanthropy. Their wealth placed them among the 139 wealthiest families in America; it enabled them to donate tens of millions through family-led foundations that focus on education and culture. Paul donated $30 million to UC Irvine’s business school – having its business school named in his honor; additionally his foundation also supports dual immersion charter schools in Costa Mesa as well as Merage Institute for U.S.-Israel Innovation Bridge program which brings high tech Israeli scientists for two week business “boot camps”.

Today, MIG Group encompasses three highly ranked hedge funds and MIG Real Estate, which owns commercial properties throughout Southern California and Sunbelt states, such as multifamily apartments encompassing over 7,000 units, hotels, and industrial sites.

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