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57-Year-Old Pastor Arrested on Suspicions of Sexually Assaulting a Girl

Authorities believe 57-year-old Pastor Harold Dien from Laguna Indonesian Seventh Day Advent Church in Colton may have sexually assaulted multiple girls since February 5. When authorities became aware of possible child abuse allegations on Feb 5, Dien, who pastors Laguna Indonesian Seventh-Day Advent Church was identified as their suspect despite all crimes having taken place off church property, according to officials.

Early Life and Education

Pastor Harold Dien of Loma Linda was arrested following an investigation of suspected child abuse. Following trial for molesting one girl, Dien has now been found guilty and placed on Tier 1 list for sexual offences by state officials; officials suspect there could be additional victims as well.

Most people believe Harold Godwinson died at Hastings after being hit in the eye with an arrow from an archer’s bow, as depicted by an image from Bayeux Tapestry depicting this event. But it isn’t certain this happened: William of Poitiers wrote an account of this battle but did not discuss Harold’s demise – possibly out of deference for William the Conqueror and in order not to cast any aspersions upon his life-long patron.

Professional Career

After being injured by a prop bomb explosion in 1919, Lloyd employed various prosthetic devices and gloves in order to make his hand appear normal and become an early pioneer of 3D filmmaking.

He fought aggressively to preserve his work, even taking legal action against MGM for using their material without authorization in Joan Davis vehicle She Gets Her Man (1945).

Following several unsuccessful films (such as Movie Crazy in 1932), with high production costs but paltry grosses, Lloyd was eventually forced to retire in 1943. Throughout this time he remained actively engaged in his church until his death in 1968 – Greenacres Cemetery is his final resting place.

Personal Life

Celeste Van Dien, Casper Van Dien’s sister and great-grandniece of silent film actor Harold Lloyd. Celeste has appeared in several films and television shows such as The Lost World (1996). She also works in modeling.

On February 5, 2018, sheriff’s officials were alerted to a potential case of child abuse in Colton. After speaking with an alleged victim and interviewing Harold Dien from Colton Seventh Day Adventist Church as the suspected abuser. Dien has since been charged with two misdemeanor counts of annoying or molestation against minors; authorities believe additional victims may have come forward as potential witnesses against Dien.

On August 15, 2018 he was found guilty and given Tier 1 status on California Tiered Sex Offender Registry – which is the lowest classification. As such he must register as a sexual offender for 10 years prior to any release from jail or parole.

Net Worth

Dien has found great success as an actor, earning recognition with works such as I Married a Princess and Greenhouse Academy. Additionally, she has appeared in Charlie Says and The Village productions and currently shares an intimate relationship with actor Connor Paolo.

Her father is Casper Van Dien, an actor. Her mother is Carrie Mitchum. She is the great-granddaughter of renowned actor Robert Mitchum and great-niece of silent film actor Harold Lloyd – two members of her extended family who she shares a family tree with.

She has not revealed much information regarding her life or education; however, it is known that she has three siblings – Cappy Van Dien (the brother), Maya Van Dien and Celeste Van Dien (her sisters). She identifies as Seventh-day Adventist while simultaneously being an outspoken feminist activist with a large following on social media.

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