Harold Miner Net Worth

Harold Miner was an American basketball player. He spent four seasons playing professionally for the National Basketball Association after being selected 12th overall by Miami Heat during 1992 NBA Draft.

Miner is best known for winning both of the 1993 and 1995 NBA Slam Dunk Contests – earning himself the nickname Baby Jordan due to his incredible dunking skills. Now living and dealing in real estate in Las Vegas.

Early Life and Education

Harold Miner was born May 5, 1971 in Inglewood, California. At Inglewood High School he excelled at basketball scoring – becoming one of the premier scorers and players nationwide.

He decided to remain close to home by attending USC under coach George Raveling and became known for his impressive dunks which earned him the moniker “Baby Jordan.”

After an impressive college career, Miner was selected by the Miami Heat in 1992 but struggled to secure regular playing time in the NBA and was eventually traded to Cleveland Cavaliers.

Miner played two seasons with the team before retiring from professional basketball in 1996. Since then, Miner has become an experienced investor who deals in real estate – his wealth is estimated at approximately $20 Million.

Professional Career

Harold Miner’s dream was to become Michael Jordan – after winning two dunk contests during high school he was selected 12th overall by Miami Heat and placed on their roster.

Miner’s NBA career was limited by injuries, and he never reached his full potential. Ultimately citing personal reasons as motivation to leave and focus more on coaching than ever.

He eventually relocated to Vegas and discovered a renewed purpose: coaching his daughter’s volleyball pursuits while running a successful business and investing in real estate – giving him access to over $20 Million worth of wealth!

Achievement and Honors

Miner was an instantaneous hit at Inglewood High School due to his impressive dunking skills. His signature look – including his trademark shaven head and No 23 jersey – earned him the moniker “Baby Jordan”, yet his professional career ultimately failed to meet expectations.

Two-time NBA Slam Dunk Contest Champion Tim Hardaway Jr. retired from basketball unfulfilled and with an unfortunate taste in his mouth; yet has since transitioned into being an incredible mentor for his daughter Kami who has established herself as an exceptional Stanford volleyball player.

Miner has mostly kept out of the limelight over recent years; however, he is now ready to reconnect with his University of Southern California friends and alumni as well as foster his daughter’s volleyball career. Thanks to wise investments of his retirement income, he plans on being an at-home father once again.

Personal Life

Being called “the next Michael Jordan” places immense pressure on any player, including basketball prodigy Harold Miner. That pressure may become too great to bear.

Miner was an outstanding player at University of Southern California before being chosen 12th overall in the 1992 NBA Draft. Throughout four seasons with Miami Heat and Cleveland Cavaliers.

Miner has not been in the spotlight since his playing career came to a close, yet lives comfortably in Las Vegas with his wife and two children. He believes he invested wisely with his earnings as a player, now acting as a stay-at-home investment guru; furthermore, both himself and his family have taken an interest in fighting youth depression.

Net Worth

Miner, who left basketball after just one season in February 1996, has since spent most of his time out of public view as an investor and stay-at-home dad.

Baby Jordan earned the nickname of “Baby Jordan” while at USC due to his remarkable dunking skills, leading him to being selected 12th overall by the Miami Heat for their five-year contract valued at $7.3 Million and winning two NBA Slam Dunk Contest titles within three seasons of joining their ranks.

Miner’s NBA career was cut short due to injuries and poor team chemistry. Though Miner did not live up to expectations placed upon him, he found new purpose mentoring his daughter Kami’s successful volleyball career and becoming an accomplished entrepreneur.

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