Heelmike Age: 24

Heelmike, an American streamer with more than 139,000 subscribers on YouTube and active engagement with fans through various social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, is known as Heelmike.

He created his Heelmike online persona in 2018. One of his most-viewed YouTube uploads features him inviting someone he met via Tinder to join his livestream stream.

Early Life and Education

Heelmike, an American Twitch streamer and game influencer who rose to fame with his exceptional streaming skills has amassed much renown due to YouTube and Instagram videos featuring him. Born November 14, 1994 and graduating high school with excellent grades.

He developed the Heelmike persona for online audiences in 2018 and soon gained fame as a Twitch Star, amassing over 380,000 subscribers on his channel by engaging his fan base and engaging in meaningful interactions. Epic Games even granted him custom matchmaking due to his rising fame. According to Numerology, Heelmike has Life Path Number 3, meaning they often display creativity along with strong social skills.

Professional Career

Heelmike has made quite the name for himself in the gaming world and is well-recognized nationwide. He achieved such fame through the talents he acquired through education.

He created his Heelmike persona online in 2018 and has amassed over 7 million followers since. One YouTube upload featuring him inviting a woman from Tinder onto his livestream has amassed more than one million views on YouTube alone.

He has experienced some controversy in the past, such as an altercation with another Kick streamer. However, he has taken steps to protect both himself and his loved ones from becoming victims of such media attention.

Achievement and Honors

Heelmike has accomplished much in his lifetime through hard work and commitment, amassing a substantial following and leaving an imprintful mark in the media industry.

Michael Peters, better known by his stage name Heelmike on Twitch, has gained incredible acclaim since beginning streaming in July 2015; since then he has amassed an audience of more than 7.4 million followers.

Heelmike is an accomplished gamer who frequently engages with his audience during livestreams. Additionally, he uploads gaming content onto YouTube; one of his most-watched videos features him bringing a Tinder match onto a livestream – it has amassed over one million views so far!

Personal Life

Heelmike, known for his 5-million plus followers on Twitch and his Just Chatting sessions with fans, is an American citizen and follows Christianity.

He maintains an active social media presence and regularly posts pictures to Instagram and uploads entertaining and gameplay-related videos and gameplays on Youtube – one video about his house tour has garnered more than 1 million views!

Heelmike and Rafaela have been dating for an unknown amount of time; there’s not much information available about her. Although there have been no children from their union, Heelmike and Rafaela remain very close and have supported one another throughout their careers together.

Net Worth

Michael Peters, better known by his Twitch streamer name Heelmike, has garnered immense popularity since starting streaming back in July 2015 with over 7 Million followers following him across his channels.

Heelmike typically attracts around 2600 viewers every day on Twitch; however, when he’s having a good day – which often happens – his audience quickly skyrockets to over 10,000! In addition, Heelmike often ranks in the top 20 most-viewed streamers.

Heelmike has amassed around 139k subscribers to his YouTube channel and actively interacts with both fans and his audience on social media platforms such as Twitter. Additionally, Heelmike possesses immense potential to grow even further; with merchandise sales under his own brand name as well as sponsorship from Sportsbit and donations/ad revenue contributions as sources for income generation.

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