Hemant Patel

Hemant Patel – The Ninja in the EP Lab

Henry Patel left an impactful legacy far beyond the Wilmington home and family he left behind. He quietly bought lunch for first responders and senior citizens alike; gave Subaru drivers compliments; and welcomed Macy into his heart each morning with warm hugs and affection.

Patel died of anoxic brain injury four days after oral surgeon Mark Austin administered anesthesia and sedation for a dental implant procedure in July 2020.

Early Life and Education

As a child, Patel helped his grandfather on his mango and rice farm before longing for better opportunities abroad. James Chew, his ninth grade biology teacher encouraged Patel to become a cardiologist – this momentous event defined Patel’s path in life.

Shital Patel, widow of famed cardiologist Henry Patel, is renewing her fight for reform of dental anesthesia rules on this difficult anniversary. Though change won’t happen immediately, Shital wants to ensure another family doesn’t experience what hers has. Her late husband Henry Patel was her hero, moral compass and knight-in-shining armor; he valued experiences and squeezed every drop out of life; driving luxury cars and loving his children deeply were among his qualities that made him such an inspiration!

Professional Career

Henry Patel was a dedicated, compassionate physician who took great pride in educating patients about their care. Known as “Ninja” within EP Lab, Henry had extensive knowledge in basic science as well as clinical research.

Patel was greatly inspired when in ninth grade his teacher James Chew suggested that he consider cardiology as a potential career option and this comment proved pivotal in shaping his life path.

Patel is an outcomes-driven professional with more than a decade of experience managing medical practices and hospitals. He excels at identifying and implementing best practices to maximize patient satisfaction, as well as possessing in-depth knowledge in business operations, practice acquisitions, cross-functional collaboration, business operations management and operational business acumen. Currently serving as Senior VP Revenue Sales & Alliances at JAMF Software in Minnesota.

Achievement and Honors

Hemant Patel (Henry Patel), was a cardiologist who cared deeply about his family, his work and the community – particularly travel and sharing his experiences. Smart yet cheerful, He served on Cape Fear Heart Council and assisted many people along his path.

As he expanded, his business quickly flourished – starting out by opening a County Cupboard convenience store in Woodstock and later expanding it with larger investments such as three Armanetti Beverage Mart locations throughout McHenry County and Wisconsin as well as several hotels.

He loves reading and traveling; has also spoken at many schools; and volunteers with several nonprofit organizations.

Personal Life

Henry Patel was an eclectic individual. He took great pleasure in spending time with his family and being outdoors; he enjoyed working as a doctor, finding it highly satisfying helping people see better; he had a keen mind that constantly sought new learning experiences; his legacy lives on with many.

Hemant (Henry) Maganlal Patel was born in Baroda, India to maganlal and induben and was the youngest of four siblings. In 1998 he married Shital and they shared two children – Drewv and Macy.

His widow is advocating for reforms in the dental industry after her late husband passed away as a result of being over-sedated during dental procedure by oral surgeon Mark Austin who provided too much anesthesia, leading to his demise.

Net worth

As the race for Prime Minister intensifies, many are eager to know more about each candidate; Priti Patel in particular has garnered much interest as many seek her net worth estimate.

Since joining CBC Bank in 2013, Patel has made considerable investments into its business, cultivating an ownership culture within its workforce and encouraging employees to form meaningful relationships in their local community.

Neil Patel reportedly is estimated to be worth an estimated 30 Million USD and generates his income through various online ventures, such as Crazy Egg, Kissmetrics, Neil Patel Digital, Ubersuggest and Marketing School. Additionally, he holds a variety of consulting engagements and publications to his name.

Patel is currently working to construct a 63,310-square-foot mansion/compound in Tampa, Florida that will include his primary residence, two smaller single-family houses, a staff residence and entertainment venue.

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