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Lionbridge Asia General Manager Henri Broekmate

Henri Broekmate is the General Manager of Lionbridge Technologies’ Asia business. With 30 years of experience in localization services and language technology industries – having lived, studied and worked in Netherlands, UK and Republic of Ireland; Henri is also a passionate sports enthusiast having played both lacrosse and football while studying at Tufts University.

Professional Career

Henri Broekmate has over three decades of experience working in localization services and language technology businesses, holding various executive roles at TRADOS Corporation including senior vice president, e-business. This was responsible for driving translation automation technology onto the web. Furthermore, He has held roles with Stream Language Solutions, LCJ Nederland as managing director as well as being project manager at INK International.

Henri de Vries currently holds the position of senior vice president, globalization operations for Lionbridge Technologies Inc. In this capacity he brings over 30 years of experience from working across various locations like Netherlands, United States and Germany.

Paula Barbary-Shannon stands as an inspiring example of an effective woman leader in international business. As the Director of Sales Executive for Lionbridge, she works seamlessly in Shanghai as well as New York.

Personal Life

Henri Broekmate lives in Sammamish, Washington with his family of three. Both Henri and his wife hail from the Netherlands; together they have two sons and a daughter named Kelland enrolled at Tufts University for football and lacrosse respectively. Additionally, Henri and his wife share Beau, a dog they call family member.

Henri has over three decades of experience working in the localization services and language technology industries. Throughout this time he has held various leadership roles with several companies including serving as executive vice president of e-business for TRADOS Corporation as well as co-owning Locatech GmbH in Germany. Additionally, Henri serves as senior vice president of operations at Lionbridge Technologies.

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