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More than 100 relatives of Halvor Bjoin, one of the Western Koshkonong pioneers, gathered for his reunion after nine years. George Klongland from Pleasant Springs presided at this first reunion hosted in part by committee at Western Koshkonong Lutheran Church parlors.

Early Life and Education

Henry Bjoin was born at 106 Evergreen Street Burbank on May 15, 1897. After attending Berkeley for his education, Henry pursued various professions before finding filmmaking as his dream occupation.

Bjoin and his wife raised two daughters, Katherine and Linda. Following Katherine’s death, Bjoin suffered depression and his physical health began to deteriorate significantly, along with alcoholism and drug dependency.

George Klongland of Pleasant Springs presided over both the program and business meeting for this group. He brought up how they had recently given all papers belonging to pioneer Halvor Bjoin over to the Historical Society of Madison for storage. Professor Einar Haugen spoke of name changes attributed to Bjoin, which includes 25 variations of his surnames.

Achievement and Honors

Mrs. Roy Cornell of Madison; Laura A. Burthe from Madison; and Mrs. Odin Olson from Stoughton coordinated the program and business meeting, presided by George Klongland from Pleasant Springs.

Anderson Bjoin was honored with numerous awards and recognition for his theatre work. Twice winning the Henry Award given annually by Colorado Theatre Guild. Anderson Bjoin was twice married; from his first marriage, three children were born: Anderson, Ole and Lisse.

Personal Life

Katherine Mordick began having an affair with Bjoin in August 1981; however, she ended it to focus on her marriage (Gregory often hit Katherine in front of their daughters), eventually leading to their separation.

During his deposition with Cross, the defendant told her he had loved Katherine since he was 16. Additionally, Bjoin was helping him deal with marital difficulties, so their affair helped ease them through.

Anderson Bjoin emigrated from Norway and settled in Riverdale township of Watonwan county, Minnesota. As a farmer specializing in raising hogs, he also found time for two marriages: Anderson being one son with Lisse and Julia being daughters he fathered twice over. Anderson Bjoin had 25 variants of his name. A member of both Lutheran Church and Republican Party.

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