Henry Cave

Henry Cave

Henry Cave was an esteemed New York surgeon for many years. Known for treating prominent clients such as presidents of societies such as the New York Surgical Society and founding diplomate of the American Board of Surgery.

He served as a trustee of Roosevelt Hospital.

Early Life and Education

Henry Cave was an esteemed businessman and member of the Royal Geographical Society. Throughout his lifetime he made seventeen voyages to both Ceylon and India, which included extensive explorations of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa ancient cities.

Details regarding his early life are sparse; however, indications suggest he was born between late 18th and early 19th century and Blanche Matilda Mary Ann Milton (1835-1924). Thomas Cave-Browne-Cave CB (1835-1924), was the Deputy Accountant-General at War Office who fathered him.

After dominating Australia’s club circuit, Cave and his band The Boys Next Door relocated to England for The Birthday Party’s performance at Glastonbury Festival and helped fuel a revival of British music that lead to gothic rock becoming an established genre. This article from The Times print archive has been digitally recreated here.

Professional Career

Henry Cave has an abundance of experience in commercial property law, encompassing all aspects of business sales and purchases (including share sales) as well as litigation matters and secured lending transactions and PFI projects.

He travelled seventeen times to Ceylon and published The Book of Ceylon, an illustrated guide of its railway system in 1908. Additionally, he is widely credited with funding development of the Supermarine Spitfire which proved essential during World War II as a fighter aircraft.

He was a member of both the New York and London Surgical Societies as well as L’Academie de Chirurgie in Paris. Additionally, he served on the Roosevelt Hospital trustee board before passing away at age 76 in New York City.

Achievement and Honors

Henry Cave was an ardent servant of God who greatly enjoyed travelling across Canada and the US. He will be sorely missed by family and friends, while being an avid sports fan himself; especially enjoying soduku and watching football or soccer games on TV.

Air Vice Marshal Henry Meyrick Cave-Browne-Cave CB, DSO and DFC was an engineering officer of the Royal Naval Air Service during World War I and later senior commander in the Royal Air Force during the 1930s. Known for his expertise with seaplanes and flying boats post armistice.

Cave-Browne-Cave led the Far East Flight on a flying tour of Australia that illustrated British air power’s growing presence. Within a year he became Officer Commanding RAF Singapore.

Personal Life

Henry Cave was a gentleman, peacemaker and passionate amateur cricketer. Despite enduring tough conditions like extreme heat, unreliable air transport and stomach ulcers on tour, Henry gave everything for the sport that meant so much to him.

Christopher made seventeen voyages to Ceylon and India, undertaking extensive archaeological surveys at Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa. He became a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society as well as Member of the Royal Asiatic Society.

Cave and Harvey moved from Australia to England in 1980 after growing restless with Australian club circuit, where they formed The Birthday Party. Drawing inspiration from punk music’s uncontrollable barrage of violence and malevolence, The Birthday Party helped revitalize London’s music scene while pioneering Goth rock.

Net Worth

Cave has amassed an estimated net worth of $12 Million. He and Sarah, with whom he shares three children – Donnie, Margot, and Abraham – are well known as comedians and actors in numerous comedy shows such as Pramface, Knightmare, Wizards vs Aliens, and Glue.

His personal qualities and leadership made him the obvious choice to lead Pakistan and India against England on an eight-month tour through Pakistan and India in 1955-56. Under pressure, his leadership was outstanding as he inspired his team with unflappable determination in spite of extreme heat, substandard facilities, stomach upsets and dubious umpiring. A gentlemanly soft-spoken man of great loyalty, determination and team spirit.

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