Henry Corduroy

Henry Corduroy

Henry corduroy is an exceptionally warm fabric that transitions easily through styles like the tides. You can wear it in multiple ways – be it practical, groovy, or even seductive depending on how you wear it!

Fustian fabric first emerged during the 1700s as a trend in England and France as fustian, becoming popular. Later it acquired the distinctive ridges which define corduroy (from cord and duroy), measuring the width per inch from fine or pinwale cord to elephant cord.

Early Life and Education

Corduroy explores every inch of a department store searching for his lost button, much to the amusement of both Night Watchman and young girl who dream of bringing him home.

Corduroy cannot be restricted to just one demographic; rather, its history dates back millennia as far as Egypt where thickly-woven precursors of modern corduroy originated in Fustat.

Jake Mendes stars as Corduroy while Kristina Fountaine takes on Lisa and Jessica Robblee plays Night Watchman for this Denver Center production. Additionally, many DCPA Education alumni from our theatre for young audiences programs make an appearance.

Achievement and Honors

Corduroy became fashionable among intellectuals during the 1970s due to its quirky glamour. Ribbed and textured corduroy was seen as a sign of anti-establishment sentiment and rebellious spirit; Paul Newman even donned this fabric in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and Robert Redford donned it for Tell Them Willie Boy is Here.

Corduroy fabric features distinctive ridges known as wales, named for the 19th-century Manchester mills that made the material out of fustian. Wales come in different thicknesses – pincord to elephant cord – with thicker ones being heavier and more luxurious cloth.

Jake Mendes and Kristina Fountaine from Denver have been recognized with Henry Awards by the Colorado Theatre Guild for their performances in DCPA Education’s Corduroy show, which attracts over 20,000 high school students each year across Colorado.

Personal Life

Henry was raised in an unpleasant environment by his stern father. His father saw Henry as weak-willed and lackadaisical and berated him often for lack of manliness he lacked; additionally he would physically abuse Henry on occasion and did not get along well with either his mother or other relatives.

As soon as he arrived in Gravity Falls, he quickly befriended Mabel and soon thereafter formed an important friendship. Additionally, he helped Willow during her encounter with Dipper while possessing incredible spiritual power that pervaded through him and into his soul.

Corduroy fabric, distinguished by its distinctive ridges, once carried an arrogant stigma but has since become part of creative industry uniforms. Wes Anderson has helped elevate corduroy’s quirky yet cool style through his films.

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