Henry Dill

Henry Dill

Sophomore goaltender Henry Dill will have to compete hard for playing time next season following the addition of senior Alex Wakaluk and sophomore Nic Renyard to the University of Massachusetts Hockey team.

Sketchbooks, photos, letters, artist statements and records from Mary Dill Henry’s treasure trove archive have been digitalized at Illinois Institute of Technology’s Paul V. Galvin Library’s University Archives and Special Collections.

Early Life and Education

Henry was born in Modesto, California to Helena Dill and Captain James Dill and served for many years in the military before leaving to further his studies at USC and Columbia Universities respectively. Henry earned both degrees before deciding that education was his passion and made his retirement decision accordingly.

As an artist, he has displayed his works at several museums around the United States. He has won multiple awards and recognition for his distinctive art style. Additionally, he has published several books about it.

Henry expanded her creative horizon in her later years to encompass new forms of expression. Henry’s works during this time can be broadly classified as Op-Art – with dizzying arrangements of shapes and patterns often inspired by her studies with Bauhaus teacher Laszlo Moholy-Nagy.

Professional Career

Henry Dill was an American professional hockey player. He formerly represented University of Massachusetts men’s hockey team before signing as a free agent with an NHL team. Henry is also older brother of former NHL goaltender Blake Dill.

Prior to attending UMass, Dill competed with Aberdeen Wings of the NAHL during 2013-14. During 29 games with them he amassed an impressive 2.26 goals-against average and 926 save percentage.

Dill is one of the more difficult bios to collect on first playthroughs as his appearance lasts only for several frames. His name may be an allusion to female voice actress Jill Talley whose character Dill portrays. Additionally, Dill maintains an active social media account where he shares updates regarding both his personal and professional lives.

Achievement and Honors

Henry Dill was an art painter who specialized in geometric abstraction. Her signature style combined elements from past and contemporary art movements. Her works were shown at galleries and museums and she received multiple awards and honors for them.

She was known for her generosity, kindness and thoughtfulness. Family was very important to her; she relished being wife, mother, grandmother and Gigi.

While serving as Chairman of Grower-Shipper Association, she oversaw an increase in membership, issues management, and education efforts. Ernie Farley of Andrew & Williamson Fresh Produce and Butch Corda of Ippolito International were her successors on the Board of Directors.

Personal Life

Henry was an avid reader and historian with an insatiable fascination for presidential politics. Additionally, Henry loved sport fishing – spending many seasons trolling or fly-fishing Rocky Mountain streams and Indiana lakes.

She quickly transitioned between different creative waves throughout her career, surfing New Deal realism, Modernist constructivism, corporate Modernism, minimalism and mild strains of psychedelia with equal passion. Part of this broad eclecticism may have come from attending Institute of Design training that focused on medium-agnostic approaches generating works dynamic enough for commercial utility as well as freeform artistic pursuit.

Mendocino had its hippie phase, but as it became increasingly commercialized she felt it time to leave. A trip to Alaska inspired the North Slope diptychs which reduced her work to minimalist near-monochromous rectangles and lines.

Net Worth

His acting career has made him a household name and earned him substantial revenue. He has appeared in a number of movies and TV series such as Matt Groening’s “The Simpsons” and Seth MacFarlane’s “Family Guy”. Additionally, he is well known as an author – writing books featuring Hank Zipzer who is dyslexic.

He has taken Danville by storm in just eight games this season in the FHL, winning five and tying for league lead wins while leading in GAA and save percentage, and is tied for game-winning goal scoring.

Stephanie Dill is currently studying Hydrogeology and working towards her PhD dissertation at a college. She is married to Geologist Henry Turner from USA; the couple share one son named Luke.

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