Henry Domine

Henry Domine

Henry Domine is an individual of many talents. From writing to acting to business management, Henry contributes his time and expertise to CaringBridge – an online health support community for families who need each other while on a health journey.

The War Motif is an upbeat string motif created with synths, metallic, and wooden percussion instruments; it serves as the backdrop to Henry’s attempts at persuading his advisors into supporting war with France.

Early Life and Education

Henry Domine was a veteran of the United States Army who served a year at Baghdad’s US Embassy security team. Henry also enjoyed hunting and fishing – being an active member of Pheasants Forever and Duck Fest as well as participating in youth hunts and trap shooting teams as a trap shooting team member and collecting military coins was something he was passionate about.

His loved ones include Julie Domine; Mel and Jackie Domine of Ortonville, MN; one brother Andy Domine; as well as many cousins and friends. To keep loved ones informed on his condition, this CaringBridge site has been set up.

Charles Richard Domine was born in Minnesota, United States. He later married Gladys Anna Emma Louise Domine (nee Beerman). Together they had one daughter – Dolores Janet Schoper.

Professional Career

Henry was a retired soldier, having previously served in Iraq. He was an enthusiastic supporter of Pheasants Forever and Duck Fest, as well as starting a youth hunt team. Additionally, Henry enjoyed fishing and scuba diving, collecting military coins.

He leaves behind his wife Clara; children Ginger (Hank) Bretz of Sevierville, Tennessee, Celia Domine of Bismarck, North Dakota; Burnel Domine from LaMoure and Fountain City Wisconsin respectively and Wesley Domine; twelve grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren as well as his mother Loretta Bopp as well as numerous cousins and dear friends.

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Achievement and Honors

Henry introduced new energy and enthusiasm into government, quelling rebellions while exalting diplomacy; thus creating the idea that England was an influential player on the European scene. Additionally, Henry made substantial investments in portable splendor through purchasing large Flemish tapestries depicting the Trojan War which became symbols of kingliness.

Henry comes alive through the score with its intimate tones, especially Doyle’s rendition of Non nobis domine, the traditional prayer after victory sung on battlefields by men soon to be slaughtered. Set against an array of restless string figures and drum beats, this piece provides some of the film’s most emotive music – its dramaticity mirroring Henry himself. Meanwhile, its companion piece “Memory Theme” suggests his connection with his people more subtly.

Personal Life

Henry Domine is married and the proud parent of four children. In his free time he enjoys hunting – supporting both Pheasants Forever and Duck Fest – collecting military coins as well as scuba diving and fishing.

He has two brothers, Ed and Andy, as well as three sisters – Caroline Hoines from Sandia Park in North Dakota; Deloris Liknes of Britton in South Dakota and Sue Domine of Ortonville Minnesota; as well as several nieces and nephews including a cousin named Jackie Dockter.

The Canon is used as the school song at several institutions including St. Henry’s Marist College in Durban; PREB school of textile design in Belfast; Foxford Comprehensive School, Coventry Northern Ireland and Craigholme Girls High School Glasgow – to name just a few. Furthermore, its tune was featured prominently in 1944 film of Henry V starring Laurence Olivier as well as opening and closing ceremonies of major sports events around the globe.

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