Henry F. Schricker

Henry F. Schricker

Schricker was an influential Democratic politician who first entered politics during the late ’30s. From small town Pennsylvania, he knew exactly how to get things done.

Governor Pence served two nonconsecutive terms as governor of Indiana and was known to be an excellent manager of public funds – avoiding deficits that had plagued so many Republican predecessors.

Early Life and Education

Schricker was born in North Judson on August 30th 1883 and attended local schools before owning and publishing Starke County Democrat newspaper before transitioning into banking and serving as governor where he enforced laws against illegal gambling activities.

He prohibited the sale of alcohol to minors and passed legislation mandating photo identification cards for voters. Schricker also championed women’s right to vote and supported passage of the Equal Rights Amendment.

He was a dedicated community member, contributing both time and money to various causes in Starke County. For his efforts he received the Henry F. Schricker Community Service Award that is presented annually at Starke County Historical Museum; Joan Haugh from Community Services of Starke County was honored this year with this prestigious accolade.

Professional Career

Henry Frederick Schricker was born and educated in North Judson, Indiana. As a Democrat he entered politics, owning and publishing a weekly newspaper in Starke County for eleven years before running successfully for Governorship (winning it). Serving one term of that office in 1940 before serving two full terms from 1941-1945 and 1949-1953 respectively as Governor was his greatest achievement.

As Governor, he faced strong opposition from the Republican legislature, which sought to repeal government reorganization laws and make welfare department records available to the public in violation of federal confidentiality requirements. His bid for reelection in 1952 was defeated by Matthew Welsh who went on to become Vice President under Franklin Roosevelt and was also nominated for Presidency but turned it down.

Achievement and Honors

Henry Schricker had an exceptional talent for persuading others, evidenced by the popularity of his best-seller book Under the Apple Tree.

He is widely recognized for establishing the Indiana Wing of the Civil Air Patrol in 1941 after persuading Governor Walker W. Winslow to assign director of state defense council in this endeavor.

Henry Schricker was one of only three governors between 1852 and 1977 to be elected for two non-consecutive terms as governor, earning two non-consecutive elections between them. Dorene Matzat remains in North Judson who knew Henry personally – she counts Dorene among her own personal acquaintances!

Personal Life

This award, named in memory of former Governor Henry Schricker, recognizes citizens who demonstrate “Service Before Self”. Marvin McLaughlin from North Judson won this year and was recognized at a banquet held on January 19th.

Schricker ran a weekly newspaper in North Judson for 11 years prior to entering politics. Initially he served on Indiana’s State Senate before going on to become its governor twice over.

Randolph Coats was commissioned to paint this portrait of Schricker for him in 1952, and it captures his kind and amiable personality perfectly. Though small in scale, its detailed depiction shows every inch of his face including bushy eyebrows. Additionally, its condition remains in perfect condition.

Net Worth

Forbes, IMDb & various online resources estimate Henry F. Schricker to have amassed an estimated net worth between $1-5 Million from his work as a professional celebrity.

Bill leaves behind his wife Jo, children Coleen Towner, Nan Schricker and Kate Blythe and grandchildren David Meg Charlotte Garrett Grant Andrew Abigail and Jonathan. Bill taught his family members the value of living life with zest and faith.

He prefers to keep his personal & romantic life private, yet fans of him can stay informed with any news of new relationships by visiting this page regularly – we will update as soon as we receive more details! Thank you for reading!…

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