Henry Harper

Henry Harper – Contemporary Western Artist

Henry is a contemporary western artist whose vibrant paintings express her longstanding fascination for horses. Her works combine abstract and realistic styles in unique combinations that push artistic boundaries.

Pecuniary considerations were an integral factor in Harper’s decision to immigrate to New Zealand; once there, however, he fully committed himself to Anglicanism there.

Early Life and Education

Later in her life, Minnie joined the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union and lectured across the country about education and temperance. She published several books, such as Minnie’s Sacrifice which appeared serialized in Christian Recorder religious periodicals.

Harper earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts at Paier College of Art before embarking on a successful commercial art career as graphic designer and art director for several major companies while raising her family.

She always knew painting was what she was destined to do, so when she and her husband moved back West they took advantage of their opportunity by living out a lifelong dream in Arizona desert. Painting horses has long been her specialty subject matter – she employs bold brushstrokes in her works that give a sense of movement and renewal in each piece she creates.

Professional Career

As soon as she completed her education, Harper pursued an art director career in commercial advertising. Following 30 successful years in this capacity, she decided to leave and pursue painting – painting horses and historical Western figures in Arizona where she now resides.

Her artwork is an innovative synthesis of abstract and realistic styles, using bold brushwork to evoke movement and reemergence in her pieces. Subject matter ranges from Native American dancers to rodeo cowboys roping and riding horses.

Her work can be seen at Desert Caballeros’ Women’s Western Art Show “Cowgirl Up!,” including progress pictures of Devotion that they showcased on Instagram.

Achievement and Honors

Harper held various senior roles at GE Equipment Services during his time there, such as manager of market development and aircraft application programs. Additionally, he worked in different divisions such as Plastics and Silicones.

He received the Black Achievers in Industry award from Fairfield County and received the Whitney M. Young Service award from Boy Scouts of America Greater New York Councils. Additionally, he sits on the board of Yerwood Center – a community center located in Stamford, Connecticut.

Harper is a contemporary Western artist with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Illustration. Her paintings draw inspiration from horses and the American West, using bold brushwork to convey movement and reemergence. Her work was featured in Southwest Magazine’s October/November 2022 edition.

Personal Life

Henry Harper is an American painter known for her landscape and portrait work as well as commercial art projects. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Paier College of Art and is particularly known for depictions of horses and Native Americans in her artwork.

Athena has won multiple awards and accolades, such as Artist’s Choice award from Desert Caballeros Western Museum’s female-highlighting art show Cowgirl Up!, as well as being an active member of Society of Animal Artists.

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