Henry Jamont

Henry Jamont

Henry Jamont has amassed an impressive multi-media career encompassing television productions, magazines and social media. Additionally he co-authored several sportfishing books as well as founding Fin + Skins Travel Magazine and co-hosting Fins and Skins Classic Adventures on television.

Police report that Henry shoved and stole purse from victim before fleeing in an SUV with Moreno and 17-year-old girl. Victim reported her credit card being compromised as well as providing details to authorities about trio.

Early Life and Education

Charles Jamont served on the Duck Lake Rural Municipality Council for over twenty years as Secretary-Treasurer, as well as organizing and administering a school district called Jamontville that served the region around Duck Lake. Through his efforts and influence, this school opened in January 1919 – Marie Jamont met her future husband Leon Leclerc here!

He made his Canadian Football League (CFL) debut with Saskatchewan Roughriders in 2000, playing 18 games before moving on to Calgary Stampeders where he helped lead them to reach the Western Semi final. There, he amassed 4,2779 passing yards and 30 touchdowns before retiring in 2007. Today he lives with wife Thelma and their two daughters Trazzonna and Talya.

Professional Career

Henry had an outstanding professional football career and was honored as six-time Canadian Football League All-Star center and two-time Grey Cup victor. Additionally, he received three Rothman’s Outstanding Lineman Schenley Award nominations while also being named an All-Time Hamilton Tiger-Cat Dream Team center. Since retiring from football, Henry has become an international television personality and multi-media sportsman; co-authoring eight sportfishing books; creating Fins + Skins Travel Magazine; producing television shows for TSN; as well as hosting numerous television shows on TSN.

On May 5, 2018, Moreno and a 17-year-old girl were arrested after allegedly pushing and taking purse from a woman before fleeing scene with it and using her credit card at nearby gas stations to make purchases.

Personal Life

Henry is involved with various charities and is well known for his outstanding sense of community spirit. He possesses a strong work ethic and his passion is fishing; for over 30 years he has hosted fishing shows as well as co-authored several books in sportfishing. Furthermore, Fins and Skins Multi Media Services LLC was created under his ownership.

On November 7, police reported that Moreno had pushed and grabbed a woman from behind as she headed towards her vehicle, before fleeing in a silver SUV driven by Moreno and using the victim’s credit card at a gas station nearby to flee from police pursuit. They eventually made their way back to Southland Mall in Hayward where police tracked the trio until they could arrest all three individuals.

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