Henry Laux

Henry Laux Stashed Two People Overnight at a Circleville Home

Henry Laux attacked two individuals at an apartment complex in Circleville overnight; both survived their wounds.

During the penalty phase, the jury concluded that Laux’s actions were driven by a lack of regard for Heidi, with aggravating factors outweighing mitigating evidence to justify an extended prison term of Life Without Parole (LWOP). This resulted in its recommendation.

Early Life and Education

Henry Laux experienced great hardship early in his life. Both of his parents were killed in an automobile accident, and his grandmother suffered domestic abuse at the hands of her abusive husband. Following his mother’s passing he moved in with an aunt whom he affectionately called “Mother”.

At the penalty phase of Laux’s trial, the State presented two experts who had conducted evaluations of his mental competency. Henry Laux cross-examined both doctors concerning their opinions; however, he could not show how any reduced his culpability or benefitted him in any way.

Evaluations provided a full picture of Laux’s case, from his history of violence and inability to respond appropriately when facing perceived danger to his work ethic, childhood background, health history (which included being diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenia in the past), family relationships and health status (such as having taken antidepressant medication in the past).

Professional Career

After graduating, he went to KMOX as an announcer and sports writer, broadcasting baseball, football, boxing and hockey games as well as horse races. Additionally, he wrote the Hyde Park Sports Letter which highlighted local and national sporting news.

Laux was the head coach of Randolph-Macon men’s soccer from 2002 to 2004, overseeing multiple top performers to reach top levels of performance on and off the pitch, leading them to become ODAC All-Americans as well as two Academic All-Americans during his time.

R-MC recorded an impressive record of 104 victories under his watch, boasting several lopsided scores such as their 5-0 win against Emory & Henry for Senior Day and four straight victories over Hampden-Sydney with impressive crowd attendance while remaining competitive within the ODAC Conference.

Achievement and Honors

Under Laux’s direction, the Yellow Jackets emerged as one of the premier teams in the Old Dominion Athletic Conference. They recorded one of the highest win percentages nationwide and achieved several impressive wins against archrival Hampden-Sydney (5-0 victory on senior day and 2-0 against Guilford earlier in the season), as well as helping foster development of several players; two made it onto All-ODAC Second team honors.

As part of his award, he was also selected as Acquisition Civilian of the Year by Navy and Marine Corps Small Unmanned Airborne Systems Program Office (PMA-261). Additionally, he received the Ming Cho Lee Lifetime Achievement Award at Henry Hewes Design Awards held annually in New York City to recognize outstanding theatre designers from around the country.

Personal Life

Laux was an assistant coach at R-MC from 2002-2003, helping lead them to an ODAC tournament appearance. Today he coaches at Futsal RVA primarily working with U-12 girls team.

He has two daughters whom he enjoys playing sports with and volunteers his services with various local charities and community organizations.

Laux’s defense counsel presented lay character witnesses during the penalty phase to testify on his lack of criminal history and mental instability prior to murdering her husband. Additionally, Drs. Parker and Atkinson used their findings of competency evaluation interviews with Laux as mitigators against aggravating factors; consequently, the jury recommended life imprisonment without parole as the sentencing punishment.

Net Worth

Henry Laux has an estimated net worth of approximately $2 million and lives in Circleville, Ohio where he is affiliated with the Republican party. On Thursday morning he was arrested and charged with two counts of attempted murder, aggravated robbery, and aggravated burglary and is currently held at Pickaway County Jail.

Jake Laux and Marie Laux have five children together. Jake married Antoinette Adelaide Giquel with whom they have two daughters and one son together.

Born in June to John and Catherina Loucks, Chae has seven siblings. In total there are 10 grandchildren; also, she is married and the sister of Sgt Henry J. Laux.

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