Henry Makua

Henry Makua

Henry Makua was born in January 1949 and currently resides at 91-1011 Haulele Street in Kapolei. He graduated from James B Castle High School before serving in the US Marine Corps. Henry worked at Hawaiian Electric Company Inc for 32 years as a control operator before retiring at his own accord in 2008. Henry loves camping, bowling, golf and is an ardent University of Hawaii sports fan.

Early Life and Education

Henry Makua enjoys many hobbies. These include camping, dancing, bowling, golfing, bocce ball, air rifle shooting and watching University of Hawaii sports teams. Travel is another passion; especially trips to Las Vegas where he likes playing craps and video keno.

Theodore Kelsey was born in Seattle, Washington on August 4, 1891. An early proponent of Hawaiian culture, his work with Padraic Colum resulted in the transcription and publication of ancient Hawaiian chants.

He worked at Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum and taught Hawaiian to Kamehameha School students. He is widely acclaimed for helping pass the Hawaiian Home Lands Act through Congress; his legacy lives on in his chants, songs and books. While country western was his go-to genre of choice; other genres enjoyed include rhythm and blues, rock ballads, jazz reggae and traditional/contemporary Hawaiian were equally appreciated by him.

Professional Career

He has entertained audiences all around the world, such as Japan, Korea, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Australia, Fiji and New Zealand. Additionally, his sound system rental business allows him to work alongside many famous entertainers such as Johnny Valentine, Alx Kawakami and Blayne Asing.

He can often be seen performing at Duke’s Beach House in Lahainaluna on Friday nights, and currently preparing for the Kokua for Kupuna fundraiser at Hale Makua Health Services this Saturday.

He enjoys camping, bowling, golfing, horse shoe shod bocce ball air rifle shooting and nine ball. Additionally he watches University of Hawaii sports as well as traveling to Las Vegas for craps and video keno play. Charmaine and Blue are her children.

Achievement and Honors

Henry Allen is an exceptional musician who has enjoyed spreading his music all around the globe. His performances can be found in countries including Japan, Korea, Papua New Guinea and Australia – with Country Western, rhythm and blues, rock ballads and jazz all taking their turn as his musical influences inspire his style and become his own unique signature sound.

In 2004, he recorded his tropical swing jazz Hawaiian hula CD entitled A Lei of Stars and received both proclamations and honorary recognition from Governor Linda Lingle as well as honor from Hawaii State Senate for his contributions to Hawaiian Music. Duke’s Beach House now regularly host his performances while Hale Makua home health services often make arrangements so they may share his gift with residents.

Personal Life

Personal life refers to those aspects of an individual’s existence that are not commonly shared with the general public, such as relationships, beliefs and interests which contribute to overall well-being and satisfaction.

Henry is deeply immersed in music and enjoys performing various genres including country western, rhythm and blues, rock ballads, jazz, reggae, latin music as well as traditional/contemporary Hawaian, HAPA HAOLE etc. Additionally he provides sound system rental services throughout various stages in America as well as globally.

Since 2008, he lived at 91-1011 Haulele Street in Kapolei and became known for his charitable efforts and community involvement.

Net Worth

He was renowned as both a spiritual teacher and wisdom keeper, known for his great humility in Hawaii (though he traveled widely as an indigenous elder to speak with various native tribes) as well as at cross-cultural gatherings and international conferences.

His greatest contribution came during the 1980s at Taputapuatea, Raiatea and Tahiti where he played an essential part in breaking down centuries-old tabu of silence between various Pacific Oceanic nations. He served as one of the kahuna pule who conducted an awa ceremony that brought back together descendants of High Chief Kamehameha and Keoua after two centuries apart.

His other hobbies included camping, dancing, golfing, bowling, horseshoes, air rifles, corn hole, table tennis and watching University of Hawaii sports events – especially traveling to Las Vegas to play craps and video keno. Unfortunately he passed away at Kapolei at age 73 on April 2, 2022.

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