Henry Ragsdale

Henry Ragsdale

Henry Ragsdale is a 26 year-old with multiple abilities. Rather perverted and boastful of his charisma, Henry will flirt with any woman that catches his fancy.

Ragsdale first proposed the idea for East Carolina University – what we now refer to as East Carolina University – when he proposed opening a teacher training school there. He was its conceptual father.

Early Life and Education

Ragsdale worked as both a teacher and coach. He graduated with a degree in journalism from the University of Texas at Commerce and became certified interscholastic athletic administrator. Ragsdale was actively engaged in combatting domestic violence as an active board member of Genesis Women’s Shelter of Dallas.

Taxidermy and natural history specimen sales provided his family with sustenance. He collected mollusks for John Allen Singley’s 1893 Natural History of Texas publication. Additionally, he is best known for his contributions to ornithological journals through ornithological journal contributions and work.

He leaves behind his beloved wife Gloria and sons Houston Ragsdale Jr and Harry L Ragsdale Sr, as well as numerous grandchildren, great-grandchildren and nephews whom will always remember his kindness. Our family can only express our deepest thanks for his commitment and love during his lifetime.

Professional Career

Skipper Ragsdale was part of an esteemed mortuary family, and as its fourth-generation leader he was often exposed to death. However, this never seemed to dampen his spirit or undermine his cheerful attitude about life, even after suffering a stroke three years ago. His positive energy inspired many.

He published several scholarly articles and presented papers at professional conferences. Additionally, his music arrangements have been performed at prominent venues such as Midwest International Clinic and many state Music Educators Association conferences.

At the University of Arkansas, he has taught percussion for more than two decades and now holds positions of University Professor of Percussion and Director of the UA Percussion Ensemble. Additionally, he serves on the Razorback Marching Band’s Directing Faculty as well as having numerous private students who have won honors at state, regional, and national conventions.

Achievement and Honors

Ragsdale received the Texas Bandmasters Association 2018 Meritorious Achievement Award during a concert and conference, which he has attended every year since 1971. Additionally, he serves as host for Young Harris College’s Ragsdale Lecture Series where nationally-known speakers visit campus to address political and governmental matters.

He is the co-author of several books, such as the best-selling “Birds of North Texas.” Additionally, he is an ornithologist; many of his observations have been published in regional ornithological journals and cited by other researchers.

Genesis Women’s Shelter of Dallas honored him with their HeRo Award in 2015 for his efforts with their Adamson Leopard Domestic Violence Awareness Project. Additionally, he holds his certified athletic administrator (CAA) credential through the National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association of America (NIAAA).

Personal Life

Ragsdale was an accomplished author who published numerous articles for newspapers and magazines, lectured at educational conferences statewide, and promoted expanding education as a means of breaking down segregationist barriers to public life.

He was one of the driving forces behind East Carolina University and an original faculty member of its Greenville Teacher Training School, strongly believing in providing teachers with proper pedagogy training.

He maintained a natural-history collection which he displayed at county fairs and later at the Louisiana State Fair in Shreveport. He provided many specimen records of mollusks to John Allen Singley of the Geological Survey; for his efforts, John named a snail after him – Rabdotus dealbatus ragsdalei was named in his honor.

Net Worth

Luther Ragsdale became a successful businessman at an early age. He hosted an extremely popular TV program entitled ‘Wealth Building with Luther Ragsdale” and helped many individuals and companies invest and make money through real estate and business investments.

He is an engaging individual who works tirelessly to reach his goals. Additionally, he enjoys giving back to the community by supporting charitable initiatives and aiding those in need.

His parents are Elizabeth and Gail Ragsdale; he has three brothers and one sister. Born on 19 January 1961 and being Capricorn-he lives with his wife and children in El Dorado Arkansas with an estimated net worth estimated to be around $290 Million. Among his hobbies include guitar-playing and travel.

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