Henry Reese

Henry Reese

Henry Reese considers the attack against Salman Rushdie to be “an aggressive assault on freedom”. Reese was interviewing Rushdie at Chautauqua Institution near Buffalo when he was attacked with a blade during a live interview session.

Reese received an email from Russell Banks, who ran the City of Asylum program in France. Reese knew immediately he wanted to bring this program to Pittsburgh.

Early Life and Education

Henry Reece has distinguished himself as an accomplished businessperson throughout his career. He has served as CEO for seven different companies and sits on various boards; currently, he chairs Horace Mann Educators Corp and Blue Ridge Conservancy respectively.

Born April 28th 1844 at Holden, Missouri and educated through public schools. Later on in his youth he relocated to Collinsville Oklahoma where he took up medicine as his profession.

He was an active member of Campbellite Church and fraternally affiliated with the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, known for upholding ethical principles within his field as well as maintaining an outstanding position among Thayer’s leading physicians and surgeons.

Professional Career

Henry Reece was an outstanding professional who contributed significantly to his community by serving on multiple committees and boards, such as American Legion Post #11, Grace United Methodist Church and Honor Flight of Upstate South Carolina. Additionally, he volunteered his services at food banks and charitable organizations.

After his baseball career had come to a close, he turned his focus toward more meaningful efforts by founding City of Asylum – a Pittsburgh-based program which offers shelter to writers exiled from their home countries – which provides sanctuary. Since then he has continued this mission, serving as Director of Business Development for KraneShares London responsible for maintaining liquidity of their UCITS sub-funds both on and off exchange.

Achievement and Honors

Henry Reece was born in Georgia on December 26th 1810 to John Martin Reece SR and Mary Smart Reece. On March 17th 1830 in Indiana he married Elizabeth Wood and they went on to have 11 children together including James Lewis Reece, Sarah Reece Freeman and others.

He founded his foundation to offer shelter to writers facing persecution or death in their home countries, after becoming inspired by Salman Rushdie’s work to form this organization in 1997.

Reece Associates was also established under his direction, offering consulting services to both public and private organizations. For his contributions, Reece was honored with numerous honors and awards including chairman of the Board of Trustees for University of Oklahoma.

Personal Life

Henry Reece hails from Prince Rupert and belongs to the Tsimshian Nation. As part of a new generation of mask carvers who create traditional pieces reflective of their heritage, Reece has trained with master carvers and continues to hone his craft.

Reece is one of the co-founders of City of Asylum Pittsburgh, an organization which hosts persecuted writers or exiled ones. He was honored with a 2011 Purpose Prize Fellowship Award as well as honorary degrees from Seton Hill University and Chatham University.

Reece is married to Margaret Reece of Alberta City, Utah and they have two sons – Luther and Walter of Alberta City – as well as four grandchildren. He attends Campbellite church and fraternally affiliates with Independent Order of Odd Fellows; also serving on boards such as Spencer Sheet Metal, Great Basin Construction and Davis Construction.

Net Worth

Henry Reese has an estimated net worth of over 1.5 Million. An avid reader and freestyle wrestling competitor at world level competition level, Reese has won several medals in freestyle wrestling competition.

He possesses an avid passion for books and is active in literary arts projects. Additionally, he provides refuge to exiled writers in the country.

Reese is an active Western Michigan University alum and supports their university in many ways, from mentoring students at his former school, serving on its Foundation Board, supporting various charities, and being an example of what the CKSD stands for.

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