Henry Scheuer

The Life of Henry Scheuer

Schuerer is an on-call trauma surgeon at one of the nation’s premier medical centers and his day is packed full. Today he is repairing a man’s leg which had been run over by multiple motorcycles as well as performing a colostomy reversal surgery procedure.

Henry was loved by many family and friends, such as his brother Neal from Colorado Springs; as well as maternal grandparents Duane and Louis Ann Crossett from Columbus Junction in Iowa.

Early Life and Education

Henry Scheuer escaped Nazi Germany as a child by hiding in a potato field, while later, his family would suffer under Nazi rule – Henry survived Auschwitz, while his mother perished in a factory fire and his father (an accomplished mechanic) was sent to concentration camps where he eventually perished at Wobbelin near Ludwigslust, Germany, in 1945.

Schuerer typically starts his on-call day in the emergency department where he and Bucher receive updates from colleagues who worked the night shift. From there they make rounds at trauma units with other physicians and nurses in order to conduct rounds and examine patients like one involved in multiple car accidents – they determine that she requires further testing such as chest CT scanning despite previously having received an X-ray.

Professional Career

Henry was an exceptionally dedicated professional who demonstrated immense devotion to his work. He took great pride in representing RSM at audit and tax services for utility industries. Additionally, Henry belonged to Phi Gamma Delta fraternity; enjoyed spending time with friends, especially attending outdoor concerts. Henry’s family is deeply touched by all the condolences from friends and neighbors in regards to his passing.

He is survived by his parents, Neal and Melissa Schuerer of Colorado Springs, Colorado; his sister Greta Cummings with husband Aaron Cummings (father to Gabriel Mitchel and Jacob) of Mt Union Iowa, his maternal grandmother “Oma Helen Schuerer of Amana Iowa as well as many aunts and uncles. LegiStorm Pro subscribers can view languages spoken as well as personal hobbies and professional specialization listed in his profile.

Achievement and Honors

He published over 1600 scientific papers, most notably in Journal of Chemical Physics or Physical Chemistry. Additionally, he held various leadership positions with American Chemical Society; most notably serving as Chair for Division of Theoretical Chemistry as well as becoming first person ever to receive both Gold Medal and Henry H Stone Award from that Society.

He was an honorary member of both the Chemical Research Society of India and International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, as well as being a Fellow in each. These included American Academy of Arts and Sciences, American Chemical Society and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

The 2023 Henry J.N Taub & James K. Alexander Medical Student Research Symposium took place March 9, 2019. This annual event gives Baylor College of Medicine students an opportunity to showcase their research projects, be they clinical or basic science related.

Personal Life

Henry was an active member of St Paul’s German Lutheran Church in Norwalk and enjoyed singing in its choir with Bina. Henry later went on to establish and operate both a coal company as well as concrete block and concrete construction businesses.

He donated funds to local charities. In the early 1960s, he produced “A Countess from Hong Kong” for Universal Pictures; it stars Sophia Loren and Marlon Brando.

Maria Schuerer was born on month day of birth place and married Gottlieb Schubert the same month day in birth place, giving birth to two children with him. Maria died the month day she died, being laid to rest in burial place a month day later. Maria had six siblings including John Christian Schuerer, Sabina Doehler and five others that comprised their family tree – she belonged to a Saxony-Prussian German background.

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