Henry Scholfield

Henry Scholfield – Director of Music Videos and Commercials

He has directed music videos for Billie Eilish, Dua Lipa, Stromae and Rosalia – receiving multiple accolades including UKMVA’s and D&AD Awards – and has garnered him many fans as a result of these works.

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Early Life and Education

Henry Schofield Rogers was the son of Robert Rogers and Elizabeth McGregor of Peterborough, Ontario and became a prominent member of his community there as an adult. He served as first President of Peterborough Historical Society as well as member of Horticultural society; also served in Militia; among many other civic involvements; had above average height and stocky build; displayed impressive moustache and whiskers for all to admire!

He taught himself and studied anything available online – from UCLA reading lists to music video viewing records – including Billie Eilish, Dua Lipa, Rosalia and Stormzy’s songs.

Professional Career

Henry Scholfield is a multi-award-winning director of music videos and commercials, widely recognized for his dynamic, fast-moving style. He has collaborated with some of today’s hottest artists such as Stormzy, Dua Lipa, Wiley, Billie Eilish Rosalia Ed Sheeran Stromae. Henry initially began directing street style videos for Dizzee Rascal Kano Wretch 32 as well as Wiley Boasty Boasty Vossi Bop which won him D&AD Pencils as well as Best Director award from UKMVAs awards.

Scholfield is no stranger to music videos; he has also directed commercials for brands like Barclaycard, Budweiser, and Gojek. His latest video featuring Chinese actresses Yang Mi and Zhang Binbin tells an intriguing tale about two planets falling in love.

Achievement and Honors

Henry Scholfield has earned numerous accolades and awards throughout his storied career as a director. He has directed videos for Billie Eilish, Dua Lipa, Stromae, Rosalia, and Stormzy to name just a few. Additionally he has directed commercials for Coca Cola and Adidas among many other major companies.

He began his filmmaking career at age 24, learning through watching online tutorials and reading books before practicing his craft by shooting music videos for friends. Since then he has received multiple nominations at UKMVA awards, winning best Music Video of the Year twice including Stormzy’s “Vossi Bop”. Additionally his production company won best Production Company.

Personal Life

Henry Scholfield grew up surrounded by horses due to his father being a jockey, which inspired his passion for riding. Over time, this hobby became his profession and he became an experienced horse rider.

Atwood has also directed music videos for several popular artists including Dua Lipa and Stormzy, with his video for Dua’s New Rules going viral on YouTube with billions of views. Atwood collaborated with creative visionary Stromae on her vibrant IDGAF project as well.

Self-taught filmmaker and just 24 when he launched his career, he quickly earned a place at the UKMVA awards with nominations for Dua and Stromae’s work and continues to push creative boundaries with his films.

Net Worth

Henry Scholfield’s net worth is estimated in the millions. A popular music video and commercial director, Henry has directed for Billie Eilish, Dua Lipa, Rosalia Stromae Ed Sheeran Stormzy. Additionally he directed several successful TV shows such as GMTV Sky News Sunrise as well as his most iconic project “New Rules” music video for Dua Lipa which sold one of 2017’s best selling singles; featuring costume changes as well as scenes from different eras in one visually captivating piece that has been watched over two billion times on YouTube alone!

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