Henry Thomas

Henry Thomas – The Green Tender in The Railway Series

Henry is a green tender engine who lives at Vicarstown Sheds. As Sir Topham Hatt’s second most important engine, Henry enjoys pulling trucks just as much as coaches.

Henry was built after the Flying Kipper incident to be rebuilt into an LMS Stanier Class 5MT locomotive known as Black Fives at Crewe Works and runs with Welsh coal from special bins, with a Fowler tender for extra tender capacity.

Early Life and Education

Henry Thomas was an influential Victorian educator who played an instrumental role in education and the establishment of friendly societies in Bermuda. As head teacher of Lane School he helped establish one of the first Oddfellow lodges. Additionally, as an amateur botanist Henry studied and collected Gippsland wildflowers and fungi.

Henry was built around 1919 from stolen plans of GNR class A1 and C1. Sir Topham Hatt purchased him along with Alfred and 87546; both would later attempt to bully Henry into submission.

T1E2H3 compared Henry to a teenager because he can become frustrated or down when things don’t go his way. While good-hearted, Henry can sometimes be stubborn. Furthermore, he does not belittle or antagonize engines who are smaller, weaker or older than himself.

Professional Career

Henry was originally constructed as a GNR/LNER A1 and C1 locomotive before being rebuilt to resemble an LMS Stanier Black Five 4-6-0 at Crewe. Equipped with a Fowler tender, Henry has become one of Sir Topham Hatt’s most reliable engines, frequently working mainline services.

He is also a close companion to Thomas1Edward2Henry3, whom he considers his favorite character. Sometimes stubborn, but always resilient when things don’t go his way; his anger or depression often passes without lasting damage as he recovers quickly. At heart he’s kind-hearted, showing no disdain towards engines who may be smaller or weaker.

He is an expert at maintaining and repairing locomotives. A highly efficient worker with an outstanding work ethic, he makes for an outstanding leader with great wit.

Achievement and Honors

Henry is one of the most iconic characters from The Railway Series. As Sodor Island’s primary engine, Henry plays an essential role and can often be seen appearing in every season and special. While sometimes stubborn, Henry has always been kind-hearted towards smaller, weaker or older engines than him – unlike Gordon and James who sometimes bully or belittle smaller or younger engines that may not match up to him in size, strength, age or experience. Henry is also the oldest locomotive on Sodor Island’s railway and has been there the longest; his livery features blue smoke against black smoke; T1E2H3 refers to him like a teenager as easily moody but usually recovers soon enough from depression but quickly overcomes it soon enough.

Personal Life

Henry is a hard working engine who enjoys keeping himself busy by pulling trucks. Although he gets along very well with Gordon and James, Henry can become annoyed or depressed if something does not go his way; T1E2H3 thinks of Henry likening this behavior to being like that of an emotionally volatile teenager.

Henry can use regular coal, but produces black smoke which requires special kind. Additionally, he has an issue with splashers.

Sir Topham Hatt sent Henry to Crewe following the Flying Kipper incident for conversion into an LMS Stanier 5MT locomotive. Henry was originally an odd mix of LNER A1 Pacifics and C1 Atlantics constructed using stolen Gresley plans – one of many bargains made available to Sir Topham Hatt through bad bargaining tactics.

Net Worth

Henry is one of the richest engines on Sodor, worth approximately one million pounds. However, despite being so wealthy he remains frugal with his money; spending only what is necessary. For instance, two new splashers were only purchased because Sir Topham Hatt suggested special coal was necessary to run properly; regular coal works just fine, though it causes him to produce black smoke when running at full steam.

Henry stands out among other engines by enjoying towing trucks as well as coaches; however, he prefers pulling tankers as their presence can be unpleasant.

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