Henry Wilfong

Henry Wilfong – Marine Corps Refueler Transport Squadron of the Year

Henry Wilfong was an American businessman and champion of small enterprises. He established the National Association of Small Disadvantaged Businesses to assist minority- and women-owned firms connect with government agencies and major prime contractors.

He worked closely with the Marine Corps on refueler transport squadrons and earned them the Henry Wildfang Award – given to outstanding marine corps refueler transport units.

Early Life and Education

Henry Wilfong served as Associate Administrator of Minority Small Business/Capital Ownership Development with the Small Business Administration under President Ronald Reagan, establishing and then leading the National Association of Small Disadvantaged Businesses which assists minority- and women-owned firms to connect with government agencies and major prime contractors.

He became the first African-American elected to Pasadena City Council (then called Board of City Directors) in 1973 and played an active role in the civil rights movement. His election paved the way for other African-American representatives such as Loretta Glickman and Chris Holden who now represent District 3 on council.

In 1987, he helped found the National Association of Minority Small Businesses. Since then he has held board positions for various national corporations such as Ambridge Steel (a division of General Electric). Additionally, he was an active member of National Council for Policy Review-Black Capitalism as well as co-chair for Unity Network.

Professional Career

He held numerous roles within the Marine Corps throughout his career. As part of the Refueler Transport Squadron – where he earned the Henry Wildfang Award – and as Director of Logistics in the Corps, he played many crucial roles.

Wilfong also worked as an entrepreneur, founding several companies. Additionally, he regularly contributed his insights on local events to Savannah Morning News in email updates distributed via their listservs to many residents of Savannah.

Henry Wilfong married Matilda Wildfong (born Eagle) on September 6, 1870 at 21 in Missouri; this couple went on to have six children. Henry Wilfong died at 62 on September 6, 1934 and was interred at burial place.

Achievement and Honors

Henry Wilfong was an extremely dedicated and hard-working individual who loved helping others. As a family man he deeply cared for his children and family. Additionally he received many accolades, most recently receiving the Marine Corps Refueler Transport Squadron of the Year Award in 2010.

He leaves behind his beloved wife Christina Messner and their children Neveah Messner, Avrianna Wilfong and Christian Wilfong as well as Roland Wilfong (his brother), Tracy Wilfong (his sister) and two nieces who loved him deeply. Additionally he had an expansive extended family network whom he valued immensely.

Pasadena City Council honored his contributions to the community last week. He founded and served on National Council on Policy Review-Black Capitalism while co-chairing Unity Network and Black Republican for Obama campaigns.

Personal Life

Hank Wilfong was an advocate for minority businesses who worked to increase opportunities. He served on Pasadena city council, helping develop programs specifically targeting black small businesses. Furthermore, Wilfong was a member of NAACP who championed civil rights.

His contributions to Savannah will long be remembered by one of his fellow council members, according to one.

Henry Wilfong was born in West Virginia to George Wilfong and Maghe, his parents. He married Martha and the couple had three children together before Henry passed away at his farm and as a civil rights activist in 1934 in West Virginia. It’s likely that many MyHeritage DNA test takers could be his descendants! Check it out!

Net Worth

Henry Wilfong boasts an estimated net worth of approximately $80 million and owns the Wilfong Companies, which specialize in natural gas and petroleum drilling services. Additionally, Henry owns a stake in an oil refinery located in Texas; thus making him one of West Virginia’s richest citizens.

He comes from a large and extensive family, his parents being Benjiman and Amy Wilfong (nee Statler). He has two children; Kittie Wilfong and James R. Wilfong are his offspring.

He married Delia F.c. Shuford on the month day 1830 in marriage place, North Carolina and they had 11 children: Alonzo Shuford WILFONG and Francis Louise Fannie WILFONG who resided between North and South Carolina and died between 1860-1870 and were interred at burial place in North Carolina and South Carolina respectively. Over 100 DNA test takers who descend from Henry Wilfong can be found here – find out if you could be related!

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