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Henry Graduates From Gatton College of Pharmacy

Barriers preventing access to health care include economic, cultural and physical issues.

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Early Life and Education

Henry was raised in a rural southern town and knew from an early age he wanted to give back. With an intense passion for science and pharmacy, he decided to pursue this profession post high school and was accepted into Gatton College of Pharmacy at University of Oklahoma.

He went on to open a family owned drugstore in Clarksdale and become deeply engaged with social activism, particularly civil rights issues and testifying before several congressional committees as well as serving on local boards.

Darren hails from a small town in upstate New York and understands the challenges associated with paying for college. He appreciates all of the support received from donors such as you and looks forward to his future career in pharmacy.

Professional Career

Henry is deeply committed to her work, which is making an impactful difference for patients and their families. She takes great pleasure in building meaningful relationships while meeting quality standards in all she does.

She takes great pleasure in dispensing prescriptions and over-the-counter medicines to assist patients manage their conditions, as well as in teaching healthcare professionals through co-precepting APPE students on rotation, hosting educational seminars at HJAHC, and lecturing at Rutgers’ Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy (EMSOP).

Darren hails from a small town in upstate NY and understands first-hand the financial burden associated with higher education. His gratitude towards donors like you extends far beyond simply paying tuition; your donations have enabled him to follow his dream of becoming a pharmacist.

Achievement and Honors

On its annual scholarship night in October, the College presented several awards to current and past students of its program. Of particular note was the Alumni Achievement Prize which recognizes outstanding accomplishments and service to the profession; Holly Whitcomb Henry from Seattle won this year.

As part of her efforts to advance the theme and goal of MSHP Board throughout 2018, 2022 PharmD student Nada Farhat won the MSHP President’s Award, while Henry Ford Health Pharmacy received one as recognition of their role in preventing gaps in care at discharge.

WSU Applebaum faculty members Michael Veve, Amber Martirosov and Christopher Giuliano received special recognition for presenting multiple continuing education sessions at the MSHP meeting – such as a panel discussion on successful grant writing strategies – which earned them additional accolades.

Personal Life

Stacy Henry, PharmD, completed her pharmacy practice residency at Roseman University of Health Sciences in Henderson, Nevada. Since then she has worked at St. Rose Siena Hospital as a clinical pharmacist and precepted students during their rotations. Stacy particularly enjoys emergency department work due to its fast-paced nature; in her free time she enjoys spending time with family and following sports teams she follows closely.

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