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Dan Bilzerian’s Net Worth As of August 2023

Mother Diana Dietrich documented on her Instagram Channel the shocking results of the cardiac catheterbiopsy she underwent with her son. According to Diana, this machine is both frightening and helpful at the same time.

Daniel lives at the Grosshadern Clinic in Munich with an extremely rare heart condition called Dilatative Kardiomyopathy; without his pacemaker he would no longer be alive today.

Day-after-day, his Mother spent hours playing with and caring for him. Later in the evening, she sent money for him after work.

Early Life and Education

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In June 2021, Diana Dietrich gave her son Daniel an organ donor heart, to much joy and relief of both parties involved. However, this joyous occasion soon turned sour when Diana announced in an Instagram-Video that their son Daniel suffered from chronic abstossing; caused by a cardiac catheter biopsy test. Additionally, Cortison must now be administered in high doses in order to restore health levels back up again.

Personal Life

After four months of steadily declining health, Diana Dietrich’s son Daniel reached its breaking point. Medicine alone no longer worked to treat his symptoms, so his family decided to have surgery performed and install an artificial heart. The device weighs 15kg and runs continuously for seven hours without an external battery backup system.

Daniel made it through the procedure without issue, though it wasn’t easy. Unfortunately, an acute abstossung was discovered, meaning he will need to take high-dose cortison to prevent rejection of his new organs. Although fighting hard against rejection, Daniel is also experiencing fatigue from this long battle.

Net Worth

As of August 2023, Dan Bilzerian had an estimated net worth of approximately $200 Million. His social media following includes over 20 Million followers on Instagram alone.

Diana Dietrich created an Instagram account called Herzbube Daniel to raise awareness about organ donation, which helped find donors for little Daniel and is still ongoing today.

Herzbube Daniel and his family have spent many years in hospitals, yet are now leading a normal life. Daniel hopes that one day there will be an organ donor available so he may live long and flourishing life.

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