How Old Is Lil Terrio

Lil TerRio’s Instagram and TikTok accounts are packed with engaging posts that connect with his fans. He has become well-known for his dancing abilities and playful attitude.

John Wall, DeSean Jackson and Tavon Austin have praised his acclaimed dance moves. Lilterrio boasts over 850,000 followers on Instagram.

Early Life and Education

TerRio Harshaw, better known by his stage name Lil Terrio online, has amassed an enormous online following due to his dancing prowess and is currently based out of Miami, Florida.

He quickly gained widespread renown after sharing his “Ooh Kill ‘Em” dance video online, which gained millions of views and the attention of celebrities.

He leads a relatively normal life despite his youth, attending elementary school while simultaneously pursuing his dancer career with Herbert Battle acting as manager of his professional affairs.

Born and raised by his single mother who worked as a hairdresser, he now boasts over 800,000.00 Instagram followers. LeBron James even used his catchphrase “Ooh Kill ‘Em” as part of a Samsung commercial!

Professional Career

TerRio Harshaw, better known by his stage name of Lil terrio on Instagram is an American social media influencer and rapper from Riverdale, Georgia. He is most renowned for his dance moves and freestyle rap performances on Instagram.

His signature dance moves went viral on Vine in 2013, giving him instant fame online and inspiring celebrities and athletes alike to mimic them – including LeBron James who featured them in one of his commercials.

Since then, he has amassed an immense following on TikTok as well. His captivating content on the platform and charming personality inspires fans with fun-loving energy, while he recently launched his own merchandise line and gained over one million followers as of May 2020 on Instagram alone.

Achievement and Honors

Lil terrio maintains an active social media presence that keeps his fans up-to-date on his latest endeavors. He regularly uploads photos and videos to Instagram which has amassed over 850,000 followers.

He has participated in popular TikTok dance challenges such as Out West and Savage trends, garnering tremendous fan following on the platform through his impressive dancing skills and catchphrase.

Despite his massive success, he has managed to maintain a balanced personal life. Currently pursuing both education and a flourishing career simultaneously. An expert entertainer, his impact will continue to make waves for years.

Personal Life

Lil Terrio has amassed an immense following on Instagram by regularly sharing engaging content and participating in popular challenges. Additionally, he frequently collaborates with fellow social media influencers and rappers in order to increase his reach.

He has broadened his profile by venturing into music, recently releasing a track featuring King (Kid Saiyan) & Tootie Raww. Furthermore, he has made headlines for his successful weight loss journey over recent years.

TerRio Harshaw, better known by his nickname Lil Terrio was born 29 July 2007 in Riverdale, Georgia in the United States. Lil Terrio works professionally as a Social Media Star, Dancer, Rapper and Entertainer – his Vine video clip “Oooh Kill ‘Em” went viral in 2013 due to the success of its content creation platform Vine. John Wall, DeSean Jackson and Tavon Austin have performed his dance moves.

Net Worth

Lil Terrio (Terrio Harshaw), known by his stage name Lil Terrio, became well-known for his signature dance moves after being discovered by manager Herbert Battle and seeing one of his videos go viral on Vine. This led him to being recognized with widespread fame.

His flourishing online presence has earned him a sizeable social media following, particularly on Instagram where his feed features photos and videos showcasing daily life as well as interactions with fans. Additionally, he maintains a Facebook fan page.

His estimated net worth stands at $1.5 million, which has been amassed from various streams of income such as online media promotions and sponsorships, often posting pictures with celebrities such as Cardi B or Terrell Owens posing alongside him on social media.

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