I Am Joking In Spanish

I Am Joking in Spanish

‘I am joking’ is a common phrase used to make jokes in Spanish. Whether you’re in a Spanish class or speaking to a Spanish friend, you can use this expression to make your conversation even more fun. In fact, you might be surprised to learn that there are several different ways to say it.

Tomar el pelo

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Estar como una cabra

Often, you will hear someone say, “Estar as a cabra” to describe someone acting crazy. The word “cabra” can refer to an adult female goat, an adult male goat, or even just to a goat in general. In Spanish, the word “cabra” can be used to mean both an adult goat and a loca.

The Spanish idiom is often funny when translated into English. It is also used to describe people who have poor eyesight. It is also used to say that you can’t see three people on a donkey.

Another Spanish phrase is “ser pan comido”. This means that you are eating something easy. It is also used as a sarcastic phrase, as in, “It’s a peace of cake.” It is used ironically to describe something that is funny.

Another phrase is “tomar el pelo”, which means “to take the hair”. It is similar to the Spanish phrase, “to pull the leg” and is used in joking situations.

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