Illusion Cakes

Illusion Cakes

The art of creating illusion cakes is an old one. Whether you want to create a realistic image of a unicorn, or create a cake that looks like a mystical creature, there are several ways to create an illusion. One way is to create a photo-realistic background. There are several websites and blogs that offer this service.

Luke Vincentini

If you’re a fan of cake art, then you’ll love the creations made by Luke Vincentini. His cakes are created to appear real and varied, with each one designed to mimic real food and objects. These creations are often made of chocolate and cream and are a hit among cake lovers.

Vincentini was first inspired to start baking cakes when he was a child. His father was always cooking and cleaning, so he took on the task of baking small cupcakes for dinner. After watching tv shows and watching YouTube videos, he began to learn the techniques of baking. He also took two master classes at Carlo’s Bakery in Hoboken, New Jersey, before deciding to start his own business.

His cakes are made with edible fondant, buttercream, modelling chocolate, and gel-based food colouring. His Instagram page shows many of his creations, including cakes of coffee, Doritos, and a halved lemon. Fans of his cakes often laud him as a highly versatile and skilled baker.

Vincentini loves to use fondant and modeling chocolate to make his creations. He uses a thick, sticky icing to keep the cake’s layers in place while he applies layers of modeling chocolate and fondant. The artist is meticulous with his designs, which can take six to seven hours to complete. His Instagram page also has more than 330,000 followers.


In addition to the onion cake, Marian has created several other cake designs that seem almost unreal. Her creations include a cake with a live flame and a candle, pimple-popping cupcakes, and even a cake that looks like raw chicken. Her creations have gained quite a following on YouTube, and one video featuring Marian eating one of her creations garnered more than 109,000 views. While her cakes look unreal, Marian ensures that they taste good and have great flavor and texture.

Inae Tirado

Inae Tirado’s illusion cakes have a whimsical feel to them. Her intricate designs feature various characters from the Disney animated series. The ‘Toy Doctor to the Rescue’ episode featured her making a Rex dinosaur cake. However, the moisture in the broccoli covering it didn’t gel with the butter cream and she was concerned that her creation would fall apart during the judging process. The minute that the judge took to look at her showpiece felt like an hour.

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