Images Of Saucy Santana

Images of Saucy Santana

Considering the fact that Saucy Santana is one of the hottest rappers in the game today, it’s surprising to learn that he’s actually been around for a while. The 28-year-old Connecticut native has been in the music business since before the millennium. After releasing a handful of mixtapes and singles in his early 20s, he signed a major label record deal with RCA. In the past four weeks, he’s been performing nightly and opening for Latto on his 777 tour. He’s also been appearing on popular shows like Love & Hip Hop: Miami. With his latest single, “Booty,” he’s set to shake up the summer anthem department.

The best part about Saucy Santana’s meteoric rise is the fact that he’s actually a pretty down to earth guy. This might seem strange given his popularity as a rap star, but he’s actually been living in Florida for the past several years and has a family and friends that he can relate to. He’s also been known to make a good voguing move or two and smoke a hookah with his buddies.

The first “big thing” that he’s gotten into is the rap game. He’s collaborated with Lil Nas X and Kehlani to name a few. He’s also released some of his own work and performed at the hottest music festivals. His latest gimmick is a booty shaking summer anthem called “Booty” which has already become a popular TikTok vogue. His music has even made its way to the club scene and his name has been mentioned in a couple of high-profile controversies.

He’s got a slew of photos from his early days as a burgeoning rap star. One of the aforementioned “Matrix”-esque pictures features Santana in full makeup, looking pretty dang good. He’s also posing with some of his biggest rap names, including Pusha T and No Malice. He even attended the Laquan Smith Met Gala after party. But, his most noteworthy moment occurred in the early summer of 2022. He was named MTV PUSH Global Artist of the Month. This was followed by a song naming ceremony at his home base in Miami. He also appeared in a “Love & Hip Hop: Miami” episode and has been making frequent club appearances, displaying his aforementioned voguing skills. He’s also been working with Madonna on her “MATERIAL GWORRLLLL!” single, which you might have heard of.

The best part is that his fanbase is actually starting to come out of the woodwork. He’s got a new album, a new rap group, a cool name, and is finally putting his face on the map. In the next few months, he’s planning a number of live performances, including a tour with Lizzo. Hopefully he’ll also be able to break out of the “flash in the pan” phase and start to become a household name.

The most obvious benefit of having a hit song is that it gets featured on the radio. He’s also become the toast of the gay hip-hop community thanks to a slew of viral rap songs.

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