Inflatable Jacks

Inflatable Jacks

If your car becomes stuck in mud or gravel and regular jacks aren’t enough to lift it out of its hole, inflatable jacks like this one might just do the trick. They use your exhaust pipe’s power to raise and lower a flexible sack which lifts your car. They deflate quickly so they fit easily in your trunk until you need them again.

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We can tailor inflatable jacks to meet the dimensions, thrust force and pressure requirements of our clients’ specific applications. They can be inflated using air, water or non-explosive gases like nitrogen; their small empty thickness makes them suitable for integration in tight spaces even without much floorspace to spare. They are capable of lifting significant weight loads over hard and soft surfaces alike.

Thin, reinforced inflatable jacks – commonly referred to as mat jacks or lifting bags – have become indispensable tools in material handling, construction, transportation, mining and rescue environments. When inflated using an air compressor or portable tank they provide significant lift for heavy loads while being ideal for hinge-style lifting operations that elevate machinery or cargo above other loads – such as when repairing lift trucks, moving shipyard equipment, stabilising machinery or maintaining pipelines etc.

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Maximum force air jacks can help your car climb over rocks, curbs and other obstacles with ease. Our inflatable jack is powered by your car’s exhaust system and can be set up quickly; when finished its use deflates rapidly. When deflated after use it can easily fit back in its storage compartment until needed again. These durable yet flexible inflatable jacks have also proven useful in industrial settings for applications such as rigging lift truck service and shipyard equipment moving as they withstand both high pressure fluctuations as well as tight spaces allowing easy positioning without strain or hassles.

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Airjacks have made life much simpler for off-roaders. When your 4×4 becomes stuck miles from civilization on an inclines covered with rocks, regular jacks simply won’t work – air jacks provide a solution by lifting your vehicle and allowing the driver to change tires or look under your car without waiting for a tow truck to arrive.

Thin reinforced molded inflatable jacks can be easily inflated using an automotive or shop air compressor and placed into tight spaces with as little as an inch clearance. Their versatility includes material handling, rail work, mining, military agricultural and rescue applications as well as rigging lift truck service and shipyard equipment moving applications. Furthermore, these durable inflatables resist abrasions punctures tears being inherently safe to use on both hard and soft surfaces.

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Air jacks are versatile tools used in numerous industries and applications. Inflatable high-pressure inflatable jacks can be filled with shop air or portable air tanks and used to perform hinge style lifting applications, transport turbine bases, lift steel structures, move round tanks or transport shipyard equipment as well as general material handling, rigging and lift truck services.

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