Iris Apfel Lil Yachty

eBay’s Lil Yachty and Iris Apfel Video Series

One of eBay’s latest marketing initiatives is a series of videos that feature Lil Yachty and Iris Apfel. The two stars of the show discuss everything from the art of wearing two watches at once to the tiniest of timepieces.

eBay has long been a bastion for diverse buyers and sellers, both of which the company has a hand in. They have also been known to put out a number of product and content-focused social media channels. In fact, they’ve teamed up with fashion magnate Iris Apfel and her trusty stylist, Michael Biagi, to produce an edgy video series that focuses on the finer points of fashion, music and technology.

This particular series aims to demonstrate just how important the latest technology can be to today’s consumer. It’s an effective means of introducing users to the newest trends and innovations in a fun and entertaining way. Some of the features include a live Twitter feed, a new mobile app, and the ability to purchase and sell merchandise in eBay’s marketplace from your phone. The video series will also be featured on the website’s official blog. As with all of the company’s offerings, shoppers can expect the highest quality products at the most competitive prices.

The video series will be released in stages. For instance, it will feature the latest in watchmaking tech, as well as a collection of the hottest trends in the world of music and entertainment. Eventually, the series will include both aspiring and professional musicians, as well as high-end fashion designers, luxury interiors and jewelry. Ultimately, the eBay Watches series will be a showcase for the best of eBay’s latest and greatest. Hopefully, viewers will appreciate the plethora of styles that will be available for them to purchase. With the advent of the online marketplace, it’s never been easier to find the right product at the right price.

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