Is Rabbi Jason Sobel Married

Is Rabbi Jason Sobel Married?

Aside from being a self proclaimed rabbi and having a ministry based out of Raleigh, North Carolina, Rabbi Jason Sobel is also a prolific author and speaker. He has published a few books in the past, and he has even written a best-selling novel. For a while, he was a full-time associate director of the Chosen People Ministries, and he has also planted a Messianic Jewish congregation in Cary, NC. However, it is his newest gig as a writer for the Christian publisher Zondervan, that has landed him in the public eye.

Not only is he an avid writer, he has also been featured on several television shows. He has made a name for himself in the field of Bible study and he has penned several popular Christian books. When he isn’t writing, you can usually find him speaking or leading a seminar. In addition to his writing and speaking duties, he serves as a spiritual advisor for the popular TV series The Chosen, and is a regular contributor to the Trinity Broadcasting Network. As for his personal life, he has a wife and two children. One child, Mazel Tov Judah, is thirteen years old, and the other is a little more nebulous.

Rabbi Jason is an enthusiastic follower of the Lord, and it is clear he loves to share his passion for the faith with others. His website features a wealth of resources, including a free daily newsletter. In fact, his newest venture, Fusion, is a multifaceted ministry aimed at empowering the Jewish and Gentile believers of today with the tools needed to live a fruitful and wholesome lifestyle with their God.

If you are interested in learning more about Rabbi Jason, check out his bio, and you will be glad you did. Even if you don’t make it out to North Carolina, he will keep you in the loop with his blog and Twitter feed. You can also check out his e-book, The Luminosms of a Messianic Jewish Life, if you are interested in pursuing a similar path.

One of the best things about this charismatic Jewish rabbi is the way he shares his life with his wife and their two sons. They live in a suburban home in Raleigh, and it is obvious that he and his family love the Lord.

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