Is Vicente Fernández Brain Dead

Is Vicente Fernandez Brain Dead?

During the past few days, rumors have been flying around about Vicente Fernandez’s health. The family has been forced to deny the information. This has been done in an attempt to protect them from the difficult situation. The family has also requested a second opinion in the United States.

One of the latest reports claims that Vicente Fernandez was brain dead. Vicente’s medical team has denied this report. He is currently in an intensive care unit at the Guadalajara Hospital. He has been receiving respiratory support through a ventilator. He has also been treated for a cervical spine injury.

Several fans have also been sent to the hospital to pay their respects. Some have even brought pictures of Fernandez. He has been in an ailing state since August. He has been hospitalized for a fall at his home. The family wants him to spend his last days at the ranch.

The medical team has also warned the family not to take him to the ranch. The condition of Vicente’s lungs and his respiratory device could cause him to fall victim to respiratory failure. He is currently on dexamethasone to keep his lungs empty.

In addition to his respiratory device, Don Vicente is also on a mechanical ventilator. His family is not happy about this. They want to keep the situation from being divided. However, they also want to know if Don Vicente has died. They are worried that Don Vicente will be unable to breathe without a ventilator.

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