Isabella Pujols

Isabella Pujols is the daughter of MLB player Albert Pujols and Deidre; she was born November 1997 with Trisomy 21, more commonly referred to as Down Syndrome. Due to Isabella’s condition, her parents created the Pujols Family Foundation which supports families living with Down Syndrome.

Sophia Pujols lives a private life and information regarding her can only be found through certain media outlets.

Early Life and Education

Isabella Pujols is the daughter of Albert Pujols, a Dominican-American expert baseball first baseman. Born with Down syndrome, her condition inspired Albert to form the Pujols Family Foundation with Deidre in 2005.

The foundation offers various programs such as Pursuit of Fitness, Martial Arts and New Mothers Luncheon for mothers of children with Down syndrome. Additionally, it offers a sign language pilot program to strengthen communication skills.

Albert Pujols Jr, is a famous baseball player renowned for his power hitting. They were married in 2000 and currently reside together in Grover, Missouri in the United States with four children from their relationship: Esther Grace Pujols, Sophia Pujols, Ezra Pujols and Albert Pujols Jr. She has become known as an active philanthropist taking part in Open Gate International initiatives.

Professional Career

As soon as he graduated high school, Pujols attended Maple Woods Community College on a baseball scholarship and later signed with the St. Louis Cardinals; during that time he won three National League MVP awards, two World Series championships, as well as various other accolades.

He then signed a 10-year $254 million deal with Los Angeles Angels; however, his first seasons with them weren’t as successful.

He and Deidre have four children together: daughters Esther Grace, Sophia, and Ezra. He and Deidre are active philanthropists who founded Pujols Family Foundation to organize experiences for families of children who have Down Syndrome such as fishing trips for fathers or mother/daughter bowling nights – even an annual prom!

Achievement and Honors

After Isabella was born with Down syndrome, her mother Deidre was terrified for her future. But, an unlikely meeting at a salsa club changed everything – Albert Pujols immediately accepted Isabella into his family as his own.

He and his wife have since dedicated themselves to aiding families of children living with Down syndrome through the Pujols Family Foundation, as well as regularly traveling back to his native Dominican Republic to assist impoverished citizens there.

Deidre Pujols and Albert Jr. also have two additional children – Ezra and Albert Jr. She has published both a cookbook and calendar which showcase her passion for Dominican cuisine while providing financial aid to underprivileged women living there. These items can be obtained through the Pujols Family Foundation office.

Personal Life

Isabella Pujols is the eldest daughter of former MLB player Albert Pujols and Deidre Corona. Born with Down syndrome, she inspired her parents’ Pujols Family Foundation aimed at supporting families of children living with this condition.

She has three half-siblings from her father’s marriage to Deidre: Sophia Pujols, Ezra Pujols and Esther Grace Pujols. She prefers living an introspective life off social media.

Deidre made a request in her divorce filing for Isabella to receive financial support due to the high costs associated with care for her condition. Isabella currently resides with Deidre and shares an affectionate bond.

Net Worth

Isabela Pujols and her family have become widely recognized due to the success of Isabela’s father’s Major League Baseball career, earning him $170 Million and eight figures in endorsement deals alone.

Her mother Deidre is also a well-known celebrity; she has established several charities through philanthropy as well as being a TV personality and entrepreneur.

Deidre was married to Albert Pujols on January 1, 2000, and together they have four children together: Esther Grace, Sophia, Ezra and Isabella. Deidre currently resides with her children in Grover, Missouri and leads a joyful life; no information regarding her net worth exists as of yet as Deidre must have completed her first degree by now!

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