Jack Barboza

Jack Barboza

Jack Barboza was an underworld hitman working for the Patriarca Crime Family in Boston. He was assassinated after testifying against Raymond Patriarca and other mob associates.

Barboza was well known for his kicks but had limited boxing abilities; his trademark move was to back his opponent up with a jab before unleashing a low kick to finish them off.

Early Life and Education

At Roosevelt Junior High and New Bedford High Schools, Barboza graduated and pursued photography as a profession, taking photos of Miles Davis, Aretha Franklin and other celebrities like them as well as commercial and advertising photography work.

Vincent Teresa wrote in his 1966 Mafia Encyclopedia Extraordinaire that DePrisco and Bratsos went door-to-door around Boston shaking down bookmakers and clubs to raise seventy thousand dollars needed for Barboza’s bail. Unfortunately, however, they failed to reach this target amount.

He testified against Raymond Patriarca and other top members of his family, while providing false testimony under oath to federal agents Condon and Rico regarding mob connections to state courts (such as his involvement with minor league hood Edward Teddy Deegan’s 1965 murder), leading to conviction and jail time.

Professional Career

Joseph Barboza subsequently turned informant for the FBI and provided testimony against Raymond Patriarca and other high-ranking members of Raymond’s crime family, as well as engaging in professional MMA fighting – winning all eight fights via knock out!

Lee attempts a takedown, but Barboza defends well, staying on his feet and landing some hard shots while Lee works to secure a D’Arce choke but fails.

Hermansson remains a top contender for the UFC belt despite this setback, earning two fight-night bonuses in four UFC appearances so far and facing Gaethje in June as part of his UFC main event debut in a huge test for both fighters.

Achievement and Honors

Blazer Barboza has won widespread acclaim from both fans and critics alike for his unique style and clever lyrics, inspiring many other artists to pursue careers in hip hop. His music has also led them to pursue it themselves – his songs having inspired numerous other musicians as well. For all this hard work he has received numerous awards including nominations for Grammy awards.

During his infamous prison escape, the Portuguese-American was said to have performed mob hit jobs for the Patriarca crime family, including assaulting prison guards in cafeteria and biting one man during bar brawls.

He is survived by his wife, Joanne; two sons – Michael Barboza of Sagamore Beach and Shanna York with Joseph Finley as her spouse from New Bedford; three sisters Sandra Mendes from Wareham and Sheila Barboza both from Florida as well as Gail Gomes in New Bedford; seven grandchildren (Jack Bear Finley and James Finley among them); numerous nieces and nephews.

Personal Life

Barboza was also well-known as a photographer, photographing celebrities and models for numerous magazines as well as album covers and movie posters.

He was arrested in 1950 and led a short-lived prison break during which his fellow inmates consumed whiskey, stole amphetamine tablets from an outside source and overpowered four guards.

After returning from his break, Barboza testified against Raymond Patriarca and other members of the New England family. To protect him, federal agents placed him in witness protection; later it was discovered he suffered from sociopathy and antisocial reactions – these conditions earned him the nickname of “The Animal”. As such, his killing spree drew much praise from everyone involved – including himself!

Net Worth

Barboza has earned over $2 Million in fighter pay and bonuses through his UFC career and holds endorsement deals with Vollo Sports, Jaco Clothing, and Affliction.

He is married, with two children named Noah and Victoria. He prefers keeping his personal life private on social media.

At 28 weeks he was given only a 50/50 chance of survival; yet, he proved himself very resilient, starting Muay Thai training at 8 years old. Today, he is an acclaimed MMA competitor known for his excellent fighting style and top kickers among other attributes that earned him many fan favorites and numerous accolades throughout his professional career.

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