Jack Baskin

Jack Baskin

Jack Baskin was an engineer who established a successful low-income housing unit company in Silicon Valley. Additionally, he donated generously to charities such as Dominican Hospital and Cabrillo College.

He and Peggy Baskin (deceased), established the Peggy and Jack Baskin Foundation which promotes gender equity through education in Monterey and Santa Cruz Counties.

Early Life and Education

Jack Baskin was an independently wealthy individual who created Big Cat Rescue Zoo. Additionally, he donated millions to various causes through various philanthropy efforts.

Original from New York, he worked to cover his tuition and received an aeronautical engineering degree in 1940. Following graduation he founded an engineering firm that went on to construct thousands of affordable housing units throughout California’s Bay Area.

Osher was an outstanding supporter of UC Santa Cruz, contributing both time and money. He established the school of engineering bearing his name as well as funding the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute which allows adults to explore traditional and emerging areas of knowledge. Furthermore, his generosity extended throughout Monterey Bay region.

Professional Career

Jack Baskin was an engineer, real estate developer and philanthropist who served on the boards of directors of several public companies. Additionally, he founded and was president of a construction company which specialized in developing affordable housing communities for low-income families.

He began his career in aeronautical engineering during World War II, designing aircraft for the government. Later he relocated to Los Angeles and established his real estate development business; providing thousands of low-income housing units for seniors living in Santa Cruz and nearby areas.

His generosity helped found the engineering school at UC Santa Cruz and supported important causes throughout Monterey Bay region. According to Elaine Baskin Baran, her father recognized that privilege comes with responsibility and gave freely and willingly towards helping others.

Achievement and Honors

Jack Baskin was an active supporter of UC Santa Cruz for decades, providing advice and generous financial assistance to faculty and campus leaders, including the engineering school which bears his name today. Additionally, his cornerstone gift helped launch Long Marine Lab’s arts programs as well as other projects and scholarships he funded.

In 2005, Jack Baskin received the inaugural Fiat Lux award, honoring him for distinguished and sustained support of university programs and goals. Together with his wife Peggy Baskin he founded the Peggy and Jack Baskin Foundation which offers financial assistance for women seeking higher education.

The foundation primarily targets women of color, first-generation college students and immigrant students living in Santa Cruz, Monterey and Santa Clara counties. Furthermore, it seeks to assist women who are either returning to work after taking time away, or working towards professional advancement within STEM fields.

Personal Life

Jack Baskin was an engineer by trade, real estate broker and developer, and respected local philanthropist who resided in Santa Cruz for the final four decades of his life.

Big cat Rescue was also created under his leadership and is known for housing tigers. A self-made millionaire, he has an affinity for animals.

Netflix released a show called ‘Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness’ in 2020 that claimed that Tiger killed Joe Exotic as part of their ongoing plot against him; despite these allegations he has always refuted them.

Mr. Baskin had a longstanding involvement with UCSC, contributing to projects including marine science education, scholarships and endowed chairs – not forgetting his wife Peggy Downes who established The Peggy and Jack Baskin Foundation together with him.

Net Worth

Carole Baskin may not disclose her exact net worth, but she certainly makes a considerable income through her career as CEO of Big Cat Rescue, an animal sanctuary dedicated to big cats in Tampa, Florida, United States. Additionally, she owns many properties.

Baskin first married Mike Murdock when she was just 15. However, due to his abusive treatment she fled and met self-made millionaire Jack Donald Lewis by chance on a roadside; together they spent one night at a motel as platonic partners.

Later that same year, they married. When Lewis disappeared in 1997, Baskin filed a police complaint to locate him but after failing to do so, was declared deceased by officials.

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