Jack Breedlove

Jack Breedlove – A Jack Kent Cooke Semifinalist

At Perimeter College, he excels academically. A member of Phi Theta Kappa and Honors College, he also works at a bookstore.

Jack gives Winnie Richards a Dylar tablet, but she denies knowing what it is; instead she suggests sleeping with Jack instead.

Early Life and Education

Jack Breedlove, then 15, visited Atlanta’s Football Hall of Fame with his father Jeff to see its miniature field and replica pitch with goalpost. Although Jack had played soccer previously, this experience allowed him to kick a football that wasn’t round.

Researchers were able to use a semi-accurate kick of their ball to identify one of the 388 USS Oklahoma sailors killed during Pearl Harbor. Even though forensic technology at that time wasn’t as advanced, one family member returned home – Jack A. Breedlove from Cedar Rapids, Iowa was identified.

Professional Career

Jack Breedlove worked in the newspaper industry for more than 55 years. Beginning his career at Montgomery Advertiser and later Prattville Weekly newspaper sales. Following this he and Linda ran Fairhope Courier until moving on to Jackson where he and Linda purchased The South Alabamian together.

Leroy Breedlove was an award-winning former high school football, baseball, and basketball coach who affectionately called his athletes his children. His size 13 Converse shoes quickly became a symbol of his dedication to sports.

Recently, Breedlove was selected as one of six semifinalists for the Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship; one of the largest private two-year and community college scholarships available today. His award will be announced later in April. Leon and Ann Breedlove are his parents.

Achievement and Honors

Breedlove, who belongs to Phi Theta Kappa and serves as student assistant for Perimeter Honors College, considers becoming a Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship semifinalist one of her proudest accomplishments thus far. The scholarship competition offers the largest private scholarship for two-year and community college transfer students.

Thomas Jackson Breedlove was killed during combat during the Korean War and identified by forensic scientists nearly 70 years later. With improved technology, however, it may become possible to locate more missing Americans from other conflicts and establish family ties – an invaluable step toward reunion.

Personal Life

Jack Breedlove is an award-winning Keynote Speaker, Author, and Premier Business, Career, and Mindset Coach who empowers humans to live extraordinary lives that combine meaning with balance and financial success.

He developed an entrepreneurial spirit as a youth and eventually established several small businesses of his own. Over time he expanded his portfolio by investing in multifamily and commercial real estate properties around Portland while acting as paymaster for Allison Transmission and EDS.

Breedlove is an active member of Perimeter College’s Honors College and Phi Theta Kappa honor societies and serves as student liaison to Women in Technology group on campus. She volunteers at a local food pantry and loves spending time with family. Last year during coronavirus pandemic they all bonded even closer.

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