Jack Cahillane

Jack Cahillane

John Cahillane has long been competing in pole vault competition. Beginning as early as elementary school, he has made tremendous strides forward over time.

He has made great strides in improving his performance and is now a state champion. His dedication and hard work in training over many months paid off with state championship honors in 2018. He spends hours each week both inside the gym and on the track.

Early Life and Education

Cahillane hails from the northeastern corner of the US and attended school there. An avid sports enthusiast, as well as enjoying reading non-fiction and politics. Additionally, he serves on several boards of directors for organizations like IES Abroad, Girl Scouts of America (Chicago), and Northeastern Illinois University Foundation.

Imogene Cahillane and he are married, with two children. He’s an avid fan of Boston Red Sox and Boston Celtics sports teams; additionally, he’s been pole vaulting since childhood – practicing year round training sessions as an avid pole vaulter.

He enjoyed traveling and spending time with family and friends. He had a great sense of humor, was an accomplished storyteller, was an outstanding father and friend.

Professional Career

Jack Cahillane is a music and poetry writer who uses personal experience to translate pain into beautiful expression. Additionally, he is also an accomplished musician and has contributed his writing and musical talent to publications like 400Words.

He currently serves as CEO of Parkwood LLC, a family office representing several wealthy families’ financial interests. Prior to that role, he served as CEO of William Harris Investors as well as sitting on several boards and committees of institutions.

Kellogg’s board selected Cahillane because he brings “a wealth of outside experience.” Cahillane led The Nature’s Bounty before holding senior leadership roles at Coca-Cola and AB InBev; thus making him well acquainted with industry developments and shifting trends.

Achievement and Honors

Cahillane has played an instrumental role in shaping Nature’s Bounty into an innovative company, aligned with key health and wellness trends, with an efficient online sales division, that has generated significant shareholder value. In addition, he serves on Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Board and Purpose Built Communities Foundation Board.

Jack has worked tirelessly over the summer to improve his pole-vaulting abilities, and at the state meet cleared 14 feet 6 inches; an admirable performance but short of his 15 ft goal. Since then, however, he has made incredible strides forward and now feels certain of qualifying for nationals this year; speaking with several colleges he hopes to commit to one D1 school by the end of November.

Personal Life

Cahillane participated on both soccer and indoor/outdoor track and field teams at St. Johnsbury Academy, competing in pole-vaulting. At state, he cleared 14 feet 6 inches but fell short of his personal best of 15ft 3inches; nonetheless he worked tirelessly and continued improving over time.

Before joining Kellogg, Mr. Reitz served for seven years at Coca-Cola as president of Coca-Cola Americas in multiple leadership capacities. Additionally, he held the CEO post of The Nature’s Bounty Co, a manufacturer, marketer and distributor of vitamins, supplements and health and wellness products.

He spent eight years at AB lnBev, the world’s largest brewery company, where he managed commercial strategy, global marketing, sponsorships, and sponsorship compliance following the merger between Interbrew and AmBev. Additionally, he serves on Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Board of Directors.

Net Worth

Prior to his current position, Cahillane held both roles at The Nature’s Bounty Company (a leading global manufacturer, marketer and specialty retailer of health and wellness products). Earlier in his career he spent nearly seven years at The Coca-Cola Company including serving as President of its Coca-Cola Americas business unit.

At Kellogg, he led efforts to better align their development with their mission of supporting families so they may thrive and flourish. Additionally, he played a significant role in creating Breakfasts for Better Days initiative in 2013, providing multiple billion servings of nourishment globally.

Steven A Cahillane currently boasts an estimated net worth of approximately $19.6 Million USD as of October 2, 2020. His 47,350 units of K stock are valued at $6,430,017.

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