Jack Crowell

Jack Crowell – A Fun-Lover

He was full of energy and loved making people laugh. Family was at the core of his existence. Additionally, he dedicated himself to his career in forestry and engineered wood products and was widely respected among his colleagues.

Crowell caused opposing quarterbacks and tailbacks nightmares on Weston Football’s field this season as an outstanding performer and senior tri-captain.

Early Life and Education

Jack Crowell was raised in Southern Nevada. His family takes great pride in his pioneer heritage; he served as a pilot before venturing out onto the open seas several times, such as on an expedition voyage through Frobisher Bay in southeast Baffin Land for an intrepid summer cruise.

At high school, he excelled as a placekicker on the football team and earned All-State, All-Area, and All-Parish honors. Additionally, he played lacrosse and competed in track events.

He earned both an undergraduate and a graduate degree from Mississippi State University. An avid supporter of the Bulldogs, he enjoyed spending time with Anita while supporting children through creative initiatives and educational efforts. Together they traveled widely by car, fifth wheel trailer, cruise ship, visiting many countries across five continents.

Professional Career

Crowell made an impactful impactful contribution as a forester and engineered wood products professional for 14 years at Weyerhaeuser, serving as North Louisiana Area Raw Materials Manager until his death.

Crowell loved kids and, like Kenny Lane, made an indelible mark outside the ring. For decades at his Cloverville gym he trained boxers as part of Kenny Lane and Pete Petroskey’s legacy; providing more than a few local kids an equal chance.

He and Maud-Kathrin enjoyed cultivating roses, lilacs, iris and fruit trees on their farm in Beatty while hosting family gatherings with neighbors and friends. Additionally they traveled by plane, fifth wheel trailer and cruise ship. Both were active civic volunteers, dedicating hours of public service and serving on civic boards including Beatty Lions Club and Nye County Parks & Recreation Board respectively.

Achievement and Honors

Crowell has not only distinguished himself in physics but has been equally dedicated to community service. He has donated time and talent to local causes like the Nye County Parks and Recreation Board and Beatty Lions Club; additionally he maintains a beautiful garden at his Reno home filled with roses, lilacs, and iris flowers.

Volunteer work includes volunteering at the Arctic Institute of North America’s Thule and Kimball Island research stations in Greenland. His volunteerism led to participation in both national and international conferences dedicated to reading curriculum development.

He has sponsored Sprint for Monroe and My Team Triumph, an organization which pairs special needs athletes with volunteers to push their wheelchairs during races. Furthermore, he has cheered local sports teams from the sidelines for years.

Personal Life

Jack Crowell was an energetic entertainer renowned for his charisma. Charming, humorous and sharing his brotherhood with all he encountered, his many friend groups displayed his spirit of fun-loving adventurerism and joie de vivre.

At Weston he excelled in basketball from third through eighth grade. Additionally, he participated in indoor track for one season as a sprinter, lacrosse was another interest of his.

He engaged in numerous research projects across Greenland and Arctic Canada, earning himself the National Geographic Society Medal. Later, he established a weather station at Thule despite stormy conditions and crushing pack-ice conditions; later still, he published several books during his life.

Net Worth

Family was of paramount importance to Jack, and his passion for gardening and photography made him an outstanding yard man. Additionally, he served on the Nye County Parks and Recreation Board and belonged to both Beatty Lions Club and Volunteer Fire Department as a volunteer.

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