Jack Grogan

Jack Grogan

Grogan is best known as the author of Marley & Me, an international bestseller that made #1 on both Kindle and Nook bestseller lists. Since his first internship as a community weekly newspaper journalist during college, he has continued writing through multiple master’s degrees in journalism from Ohio State University as well as serving as Kiplinger Fellow in public affairs reporting.

Grogan was an advocate for public access to defibrillation. He testified before the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Congress, and California lawmakers; in addition to working tirelessly on legislation mandating AED provision at health clubs and fitness centers.

Early Life and Education

Grogan credits his mother with instilling in him an appreciation of writing and storytelling, leading him to create his own tabloid newspaper in high school and write for Central Michigan University’s school paper while there.

Grogan then became a reporter and bureau chief in various small towns before winning a fellowship to work at the South Florida Sun-Sentinel in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Soon thereafter he and Jenny moved there, with Grogan landing his dream job as metropolitan columnist for that paper.

His debut book, Marley & Me, became an international best seller and movie. Grogan currently resides with his wife in Pennsylvania with their dog Woodson. He leaves three children, five grandchildren, as well as several nieces and nephews behind.

Professional Career

Grogan’s first book, Marley & Me: Life and Love with the World’s Worst Dog was an international bestseller and later turned into an award-winning film. Additionally, Grogan was a strong advocate for defibrillation issues at both state and federal levels.

Grogan began his career at the Herald Palladium of St. Joseph, Michigan before transitioning to writing for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

John Grogan currently resides in Greater Atlanta Georgia and has since transitioned his focus towards photography, offering Commercial Photography, Family Photography and Southern Train Depot photography – as well as sports photography including college and professional sport photography – while being a member of Royal Photographic Society.

Achievement and Honors

Jack advocated for public access to AEDs, testifying before both the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and California Legislature. He was an active volunteer with San Jose Fire Department as they taught CPR/AED classes throughout San Jose.

Grogan hails his high school journalism teacher for giving him his ticket out of small-town life and beginning his professional journalism career at Herald Palladium in Michigan and Florida as a reporter, bureau chief, and columnist.

Jack and Conor O’Brien defeated two students from Central Catholic to win the Policy Debate State Championship for 2014. This win tied them with Cathedral Prep of Erie, Pennsylvania for most tournament titles ever won at this competition.

Personal Life

Marley and Me, Michael Grogan’s best-selling memoir about his life with the world’s worst dog, has sold more than six million copies worldwide and been translated into 36 languages for translation as a movie starring Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston.

Grogan is married to Jenny and has three children: Patrick, Conor and Colleen. They reside in Pennsylvania together; in which he keeps Woodson as his pet – named for actor who played Marley in the film.

He is an advocate of public access to defibrillators, testifying before both FDA and Congress on this topic. He’s often featured on national television talk shows as well. Additionally, he is the author of numerous nonfiction books as well as having earned many journalism awards for his work.

Net Worth

Grogan has amassed an enviable following through her captivating social media presence. She often collaborates with influential individuals and brands for memorable projects and events that broaden her audience while contributing to industry expansion.

She has long been a champion for immigrants and labor abuse issues. Alongside the ACLU, she successfully litigated a case that established citizens’ right to photograph police activity under the First Amendment, and also represented claims of labor abuses within local landscaping companies.

Grogan lives with her husband in a rural part of eastern Pennsylvania and they own two dogs named Louie and Wallace that were used as models in the movie Marley & Me. Grogan has an immense commitment to charitable activities and actively takes part in numerous philanthropic efforts.

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