Jack Harlow Blue Suit

Jack Harlow in a Blue Suit

Regardless of whether you are looking for a suit that looks cool or one that looks great, there are plenty of options out there. If you are looking for a suit that can be worn to the office, on the weekends, or on date night, then there is a suit out there that can meet your needs.

Brooks Brothers

Despite his fast rise to fame, Jack Harlow has never taken a back seat to his sartorial swagger. He often wears outlandish footwear and unusual fabrics, and has a knack for making headlines on the red carpet. His latest collaboration with KFC, however, has taken his career to a new level.

He will be the star of a promotional campaign that includes a bucket speaker that plays his latest hits. He will also be treated to a KFC meal, which includes a KFC Spicy Chicken Sandwich, Secret Recipe Fries, and a side of ranch. The meal will be available while supplies last. Fans can also opt in to receive push notifications on the KFC app, which will notify them when he posts something.

New Balance

Earlier this year, New Balance tapped singer and rapper Jack Harlow to become their new brand ambassador. The 23-year-old Kentucky native is well-known for his hit songs and style, and is a fan of the brand’s footwear. He’s often seen wearing New Balance sneakers.

In a music video for his latest single, “Nail Tech”, Harlow is seen wearing a handful of New Balance styles. In addition to his 550s, he also wears a pair of white trainers. This color scheme hasn’t been seen before.

New Balance has also tapped the Los Angeles Clippers player Kawhi Leonard, English football players Bukayo Saka and Rahee Sterling, and musician IU for its upcoming campaign. These athletes are featured in an upcoming television commercial that will air later this month.

Bottega Veneta

During the fall season, Jack Harlow stepped out in a range of high fashion pieces. From a turtleneck sweater to a classic Givenchy suit, the singer-turned-model was spotted on the red carpet in style.

For her latest appearance on the MTV Video Music Awards, the singer-turned-model wore a sleek Bottega Veneta suit. The ensemble was a mix of blue jeans, a white pinstripe shirt, and bright red leather gloves. It was a smart look.

Another RTW look that popped up during the 2021 Spring Summer runways was the white cutout from Monot’s Fall 2021 collection. This is the same cutout that was worn by Halle Berry and Megan Fox. The dress was a short, tight, and bright version of the classic babydoll dress. It was also a great frock for spring.

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