Jack Kanouzi

Jack Kanouzi – A Primary Care Provider

Primary care providers include doctors, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and clinics that serve as your long-term medical home. They treat common medical problems while identifying urgent health concerns and refer you to specialists when necessary.

Jack Kanouzi is an esteemed member of Sigma Xi Scientific Research Honor Society.

Early Life and Education

Jack Kanouzi was raised in Rochester, NY and attended Brighton High School before earning a Bachelor’s in Biology at St Lawrence University and going on to medical school at Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston.

During this time, he gained international surgical experience while learning from world-renowned surgeons. Additionally, he completed a pediatric residency at Rochester Strong Memorial Hospital.

Early life and education helped Jack cultivate an openness to different experiences that later became central to his work. As a leader, Jack used this attitude to assist emerging scholars claim their place within religious and Christian education studies; supporting a shift away from schooling towards formation while creating a forum for that dialogue through his editorship of REA/APPRE.

Professional Career

Jack Kanouzi founded Hand Surgery Specialists in 1986, helping thousands of individuals improve their hands through his superior technical abilities, commitment to medical education, patience and empathy. Known for his integrity and professionalism.

As part of his Medical School studies, he acquired international surgical experience by learning from some of the top surgeons worldwide. Additionally, he was inducted into Sigma Xi Scientific Research Honor Society.

At all points in his life, Dr. White displayed deep devotion to both his patients and friends. He particularly enjoyed traveling to Maine to volunteer at Marshall Point Lighthouse; when not doing that he enjoyed hiking the trails and mountains across Maine in his free time as well as reading history books or visiting Civil War battlefields with friends annually. Furthermore, he was an enthusiastic supporter of local education, often helping out at his children’s schools.

Achievement and Honors

Jack Kanouzi was recently honored by Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Honor Society. As part of Medical School he received a scholarship to attend Yale Bioethics Summer Institute and performed original research into factors that affect self-esteem. Furthermore, during an international surgical internship experience gained during Botafogo Brazil Botafogo his dedication and commitment have brought him in contact with many renowned surgeons in his field.

Personal Life

Jack Kanouzi holds an avid interest in medical research and is a member of Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Honor Society. He has conducted studies on societal factors affecting self-esteem with Carol Pollard-Levy as his advisor. Throughout Medical School he learned from master surgeon Dr. Ivo Pitanguy and gained international surgical experience such as spending one summer under his tutelage at Botafogo Hospital, Brazil – providing valuable insight into performing successful surgeries that has since made him one of the nation’s premier surgeons! With dedication and determination he has become well known in his own right!

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