Jack Kincaid

Jack Kincaid

Jack is an expert at quick thinking on her feet. She can evade blows that would endanger most, and knows how to handle rabid dogs or bullies effectively.

She’s an adept liar who doesn’t mince words – only certain types of people can appreciate her blunt honesty.

Early Life and Education

Kincaid had an eclectic education. While living on Antigua before independence was achieved in 1981, she benefitted from British-style schooling and excelled at school – often testing at the top of her class.

Kinkaid’s writing has been described as possessing “emotional truthfulness” and has received high praise for its force and originality, yet many critics have taken aim at her incessant wordplay.

Kincaid’s short story Girl provides instructions for living and acting as a girl, yet its messages go well beyond simple suggestions. When reading Kincaid’s work, one can sense her writerly voice – which was universal and not provincial at any point in time – while her former high school now houses a community center featuring regional museums, libraries, senior nutrition programs and exercise rooms.

Professional Career

Jack Kincaid brings extensive expertise in capitalization, turnaround & restructuring and merger & acquisition strategies for companies operating within regulated industries such as banking & financial services, government contracting, information technology healthcare biotech. In addition, he has held partnerships in multiple law firms.

Former USD tight end Michael Doeren is an agile playmaker capable of stretching the field. His swift feet enable him to easily evade defenders and his strength allows him to power through arm tackles without succumbing.

He possesses a passion for storytelling and provides narration services for Slipgate Nine entertainment projects. His narration work can be found in “Lightspeed Magazine”, “Nightmare Magazine”, and first two volumes of Apocalypse Triptych audio book series; additionally he voice-acts for Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy podcast as well as book trailers and other promotions.

Achievement and Honors

Kincaid has earned numerous prestigious national and international writing awards for her Caribbean-focused works such as Annie John, Lucy, Mr Potter and See Now Then.

Jack possesses an expansive creative repertoire, specializing in audio production, acting, voice over artist and sound design. Additionally, he studies film at school while taking great interest in playing the guitar and studying music as a hobby. Since 2010, Jack has founded Slipgate Nine Entertainment which continues to thrive today.

Jack began attending Kinkaid in Kindergarten and quickly became active in numerous school programs throughout Upper School. She participated in Spirit of Kinkaid, Art Club, KOCINI (Kinkaid Organization for Community Involvement and Mock Trial). Audrey Gordon Rowe also attended Kinkaid.

Personal Life

Jack maintains an extensive network of friendships that includes other mercenaries, information brokers and individuals she’s assisted over time. She keeps safehouses both in New York and Metropolis while understanding multiple languages fluently.

She’s an impressive physical presence, capable of withstanding blows that would normally kill humans while unleashing car-crushing punches. Additionally, she excels at staying undercover and keeping her identity concealed.

Kincaid speaks her mind without mincing her words; often being straightforward when discussing her feelings and opinions. While this can irritate some, others appreciate Kincaid’s candor. With Devon’s illness bringing down some emotional barriers she had put up over the years, Kincaid becomes closer with both of her parents, culminating in a stronger bond between herself and them both.

Net Worth

Jack Kincaid boasts an impressive net worth, which he credits to his salary from Law and Order series as well as other ventures he’s undertaken and investments wisely over time.

He plays Ellen Kincaid, an executive at ACE Pictures who recognizes Camille’s star potential and who was also responsible for seeing potential in Jack’s terrible screen test for Meg; ultimately she remains his only supporter and believes in him.

Rogan-Caruso-Kincaid, an agency that specializes in hostage rescue and personal security. He currently resides in Sacramento with his wife, FBI Agent Nora English. Additionally, he authored a book on hostage negotiation during his time as a Marine.

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