Jack Leahey

Jack Leahey, 76, of Auburn, Lewiston, Passed Away on Sunday, December 9, 2018, at Sea Breeze

Jack Leahey has joined Haverfordwest County from Cardiff City as an interim loan player, making an immediate impression with them and already making an impression at Haverfordwest County. At only 20-years-old winger is making waves at Haverfordwest County!

He owns an airless den that measures nine feet by four-and-a-half feet and requires climbing a ladder in order to access. This room serves as his music studio.

Early Life and Education

Jack Leahey was born and raised in Lewiston and Auburn-Lewiston area, serving as captain for both high school football and baseball teams, later playing semi-pro baseball for Auburn Asas that regularly attracted crowds of up to 3,000 at Pettengill Park.

In the early sixties, he established a graphics company to produce posters and graphics for popular San Francisco music venues like Fillmore and Avalon, deepening his interest in acoustic design.

Prior to joining Monmouth University, Leahey served as senior administrative leader of Wilkes University in Scranton, Pennsylvania, leading its successful transition from being an undergraduate institution into one that offered doctoral/professional degrees. Additionally, Leahey spearheaded various strategic initiatives like introducing 20 new academic programs and expanding intercollegiate athletics.

Professional Career

Jack Leahey brings over 20 years of sales and marketing experience at industrial-grade technology companies. He excels at building and leading teams to increase revenue and market share growth. Jack currently serves as Chief Revenue Officer at Beyond Limits, an industrial AI technology company designed for use across multiple vertical markets.

He currently sits on the editorial board of Journal of the Endocrine Society and chaired a consensus meeting of clinicians on optimizing postprandial glucose management, in addition to giving talks at numerous ENDO conferences.

His ability to understand his clients’ needs and provide tailored solutions make him a highly sought-after consultant. He is widely respected for his professional demeanor and adeptness at presentating.

Achievement and Honors

Prior to joining Monmouth University, Leahey served as president of Wilkes University in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania for seven years. During this period, he brought the institution to a new level of academic distinction as a doctoral/professional university while overseeing over $100 million worth of transformative campus enhancements. Furthermore, Leahey led national conversations regarding race equity by engaging the institution in national conversations related to social justice by founding the Social Justice Academy.

Prior to his time at Michigan State, Leahey served as line coach at Winner High School and later the University of Notre Dame where he played tackle on Knute Rockne’s final three teams and helped lead them to national titles in 1928, 1929, and 1930. Leahey also spent time on Georgetown’s staff before arriving at Michigan State in 1933 as an assistant coach. Later he would coach at Boston College and Sacred Heart University.

Personal Life

Jack was an avid Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots fan who loved spending time with his family. He enjoyed traveling with Virginia, being an amateur radio operator, serving in the U.S. Air Force, as an amateur radio operator, as well as serving his community through amateur radio. Unfortunately he passed away on December 9, 2018 at Sea Breeze Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in Vero Beach Florida aged 76, survived by Virginia as well as sister Catherine Ryan of Vero Beach FL with husband James Ryan (wife’s surname is Ryan), many nieces & nephews as well as many nieces & nephews (via her). A Mass was held at St Mary’s Church Southbridge on Saturday December 15 with burial followed by Oak Ridge Cemetery Southbridge burial service on that date & burial services took place on that Saturday & burial was conducted there as well.

Net Worth

Jack Leahey’s estimated net worth is estimated at an estimated $3 Million. As the managing director of Citibank Private Bank on Long Island, his clientele includes CEOs, lottery winners, professional athletes and rock stars – in addition to serving as financial advisor and expert on emerging technology sectors.

Pete and Marie Leahey are proud parents to ventriloquist Jamie Leahey, who was featured on England Got Ability season 15. Pete and Marie can often be found tweeting updates about Jamie or pictures with his significant other; in addition, they support St Helens Rugby Club.

Leahey is not only an accomplished sportscaster but also a highly accomplished music journalist, writing for Rolling Stone and AllMusic. Additionally, he has played guitar and drums with numerous bands including The Homestead.

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