Jack Libert

Jack Libert, Senior Vice President of HSEQ and Training at Liberty Energy

Jack Libert is Liberty Energy’s Senior Vice President for Health, Safety, Environmental Compliance (HSEQ) and Training. With years of oilfield experience and great leadership abilities, Jack is an integral member of their team.

Libert is both a Nassau County Supreme Court judge and founding partner of D’Amato, Forchelli, Libert, Schwartz & Mineo Law Firm. After graduating Hofstra University with his BA degree in 1971 and receiving a law degree two years later in 1974.

Early Life and Education

Jack Libert has enjoyed an extraordinary career that spans from managing rock bands to running a small law firm and now sitting as a Nassau County Supreme Court justice. His decisions on some of Long Island’s most pressing cases have earned national notice.

Libert has also conducted hundreds of training seminars for city, county and special district agencies on subjects including protected status discrimination, harassment/retaliation, supervisor skills development, labor negotiations/implementation and leave laws. He has represented charter cities during negotiations or impasse interest arbitration proceedings.

Libert was previously an assistant town attorney for Woodmere and Oyster Bay as well as founding partner of D’Amato, Forchelli, Libert, Schwartz & Mineo law firm in Mineola. Additionally, Libert is on the board of trustees of The Long Island Community Foundation as well as trustee of Nassau County Bar Association.

Professional Career

Jack Libert was an impartial judge on the Nassau County Supreme Court bench for 14 years, handling civil cases. Before retiring last year, his most significant ruling was awarding a $131 million judgment against Long Beach over undeveloped land.

D’Amato was also a partner at D’Amato, Forchelli, Libert, Schwartz & Mineo Law Firm where he practiced real estate conveyancing, land use planning and litigation related to real estate matters. Additionally, he served as trustee and mayor for the Incorporated Village of Woodsburgh.

Jack joined Liberty Energy as a Frac Coordinator in North Dakota in 2023 and has since been promoted to Vice President of HSEQ and Training, making him an indispensable member of their team. Now living in Colorado with his family.

Personal Life

Jack Libert is an outstanding family man and dedicated father and husband. His love of golfing and time spent with his children make him an invaluable member of Liberty Energy’s team.

Libert was previously a partner at Woodmere law firm D’Amato, Forchelli, Libert, Schwartz Mineo & Terrana LLP (now D’Amato, Forchelli Libert and Terrana). Additionally he served on Oyster Bay town public works board as well as planning and development commissioner.

Jack enjoys hunting and fishing in his free time, spending time with his grandchildren, living in an idyllic home with his wife and son. Additionally, Jack is an avid rock music fan with numerous connections within the industry.

Net Worth

Libert was elected to a 14-year term on the Nassau Supreme Court in 2015, where he oversees civil cases primarily. One major decision he has rendered against Long Beach City Hall over undeveloped property was issuing a $131 Million judgement against them.

Libert was known for his extensive expertise as both a private practitioner and as the former Mayor of Incorporated Village of Woodmere as well as Oyster Bay Town Public Works and Planning Commissioner. Additionally, he founded D’Amato, Forchelli, Libert, Schwartz Mineo & Terrana LLP with two of his former partners.

He currently resides on Trapp Rock Ln in Pittsburgh, PA and boasts an estimated net worth of $202 Million. Alicia M Lowrie, Allan Dungan, Carmen J Polaritz and Dawn M Rozzi are some of his close acquaintances.

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