Jack Litowitz

Jack Litowitz, a Journalist for KCRG-TV9

Several attorneys involved in this action found themselves drawn deeper and deeper into it, becoming immersed in its details, dedicating both intellectual and emotional energy. For years it consumed their lives; forcing them to spend long hours away from family life, as well as forgoing other professional pursuits.

Paul Bernstein of Bernstein Litowitz Berger Grossman, Melvyn Weiss of Milberg Weiss Bershad Specthrie Lerach, and Michael Meehan from Molloy Jones Donahue represented class plaintiffs.

Early Life and Education

Jack Litowitz is a journalist for KCRG-TV9. Born and raised in Middlebury, Iowa – graduating with honors from Middlebury College – before attending Northwestern University Medill School of Journalism where he graduated in 2021 with his degree. Jack has covered an array of sports events such as high school/college football games, Drake Relays and the NCAA Final Four tournament.

He loves traveling and spending time with family. In his free time, he enjoys reading as well as appreciating art – especially music.

Anna S Litowitz was born on a specified day and died the same date at an undisclosed location, Minnesota. She had 7 siblings and was the mother of Herman J Litoff.

Personal Life

Jack isn’t limited to his professional life – he enjoys sports and spending time with his family as well. Together with his wife, they are proud parents of two children Jeremy and Sophia; in his free time he rides his bicycle often – competing in triathlons himself!

Jack Litowitz currently works at Cerberus Capital Management as a distressed debt analyst, serving on both their special situations investment group and event-driven team. Prior to that he worked at Blackstone and Magnetar Capital.

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