Jack Plumb

Jack Plumb, a 2023 XFL Draft Pick

Jack Plumb continues his family legacy of NFL success as an XFL draft pick who will play left tackle for D.C. Defenders in 2023.

He was revered as the mentor to a generation of historians who write accessible, wide-ranging works for public consumption; yet, he often disagreed with Cambridge colleague Geoffrey Elton over constitutional history’s preeminence claims.

Early Life and Education

Jack Plumb stands out in class as an offensive lineman of 6’7″. But that suits him just fine: instead of paying attention to professors during Saturday games rather than his assignments, his mind tends to drift toward opposing defensive linemen while flexible deadlines for assignments allows him to work around football schedules.

He served in Bletchley Park’s Hut 8 and later Hut 4 codebreaking teams during World War II, spearheading work on Reservehandverfahren’s decoding. Following the war he became Master of Christ’s College Cambridge.

He was an effective fundraiser, not afraid to flatter, cajole or bully his friends into contributing money for charities that he believed in. Unfortunately for his acquaintances and co-workers alike, however, he could be difficult to get along with at times; at other times ruthless, self-promoting or wildly eccentric.

Professional Career

Plumb is entering his final year of football eligibility and two more college games remain. When his playing days come to an end, this enterprise leadership major plans on exploring business as his new path forward.

Plumb played tight end in high school and earned scholarship offers from D1 basketball programs such as UW-Green Bay and UW-Milwaukee, but ultimately made the switch to offensive tackle and has enjoyed an excellent career at Iowa.

At 6-foot-7 and 297 pounds, offensive tackle Connor Shurmur has 14 career starts as either left or right tackle for Iowa. Born and raised in Green Bay, Wisconsin where his grandfather Fritz served as their defensive coordinator, he has an appreciation of history that runs deep.

Achievement and Honors

Jack Plumb hails from working-class Leicester and became well known for his humorous yet sharp observations of human foibles in his writing. For instance, he once recounted an embarrassing incident where, having passed an exam to become a St John’s scholar with flying colors, one glance from his college’s head porter reduced him from scholar status to exhibitioner.

After serving at Bletchley Park during World War II, he returned to Cambridge as Fellow and Tutor of Christ’s, later becoming University Lecturer in History. Additionally he published numerous books and essays.

At Christ’s, he earned a stellar reputation for teaching his talented pupils with dedication. Known for striking polemical blows against academic history’s lumbering giants, his talents as a popular writer also shone through in works such as “The Renaissance” and “The British Monarchy”.

Personal Life

Plumb was an immensely popular lecturer and flamboyant figure who enjoyed entertaining friends in his London home. A patron of the arts, he enjoyed entertaining visitors from near and far at his London address. Additionally, he worked as a journalist and editor; editing History of Human Society series as well as contributing to a book on Royal Heritage first broadcast in 1977 was among his interests.

Plumb always sought to reach a wider audience through his writing, producing books like The Renaissance and Royal Heritage as ways to do so.

Jack Plumb is gearing up for life after football at the University of Iowa. As part of his enterprise leadership studies, he’s currently taking part in Rob Gettemy’s class where they run a simulated business together.

Net Worth

Plumb amassed an immense fortune during his lifetime and used this money for charitable and educational causes he cared deeply about.

At his death, he was one of the most esteemed historians of the 18th century and an immensely acclaimed scholar – his books becoming immensely popular and impacting subsequent generations of scholars.

She has also earned recognition for her artistic prowess as an accomplished painter, with exhibitions at numerous art galleries throughout the country. Although her personal life remains under wraps, it’s likely she is dating someone.

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