Jack Rajchenbach

Jack Rajchenbach

Jack Rajchenbach had his mark on every Jewish institution in Chicago and beyond, tirelessly working for Klal Yisrael.

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Early Life and Education

Jack Rachenbach has earned a place of distinction within the business world for over thirty years by founding fifteen companies during that time, not only being active with NCSY but also by contributing his time to various Jewish organizations such as HUC-JIR. His accomplishments span both his professional and personal lives; as a result they are widely revered.

Yaakov Avinu was a man of great integrity. Throughout his career, he set an example for what it means to be a Zevulun, or someone who excels both at Torah study and commerce, as he successfully bridged between these worlds. While some leaders can take up both roles effortlessly; Yaakov Avinu proved adept in both domains.

Personal Life

Jack Rajchenbach was born November 30th 1952 in Illinois and currently resides in Minnesota. His professional occupation involves creating and selling software to assist businesses streamline operations. According to public records, over the last 33 years he has been associated with fifteen different businesses (four known addresses; zero directorships and several committee memberships).

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