Jack Sassaman

Jack Sassaman

Sassaman was known for being a humorous figure who kept the flannel shirt companies profitable, while also lovingly supporting his family, coaching boys’ field hockey and leading his church’s revival efforts. Additionally, he stood as an unyielding reminder of Army structure which had come into their lives despite living among violent opposition in this volatile land.

On Jan. 3, 2004 his men encountered two Iraqis driving towards their home in Samarra in a pickup.

Early Life and Education

Jack is an adult trapped inside of a child’s body. Although his parents have protected him, four boys often gather outside his house, spreading rumors of some monstrous creature living within. When Jack attempts to scare away these boys by dousing his hand with slime, they return the next day – forcing Jack into hiding yet again.

Sassaman had distinguished himself as one of the Army’s nimble and aggressive officers in Iraq, leading 800 soldiers in Balad. He had worked towards an ambitious goal: revitalizing local council meetings by giving members voice; making the local council’s members heard; and gradually creating a normal society from this broken and brutalized country. But Sassaman was also dedicated family man: married for 48 years to Jane with three children and six grandchildren from each relationship. Additionally he was active at Union Hill Presbyterian in Denville where he served as both elder and usher for 25 years – serving both elder and usher roles at Union Hill Presbyterian.

Professional Career

At every point in his life, Sassaman upheld strong values regarding family and religion. He was an excellent friend to many in his circle of friends; often acting as a fatherly figure to his grandchildren who came over regularly for fun activities.

He was an active member of the VFW and took great pride in honoring veterans for their sacrifices and the freedoms we enjoy today. Throughout his tenure at his post he served both as post commander and district commander, becoming post commander and district commander respectively.

Jack Sassaman currently holds both roles of Team Manager and Senior Account Manager at Fraser Advanced Information Systems in Pennsylvania, United States. Situated within the Custom Software & IT Services industry, his tenure with Fraser AIS spans nine years – living on Northview Rd Birdsboro PA 19508 during this time.

Achievement and Honors

Sassaman led Army to their first bowl win since the Civil War during 1984 by leading them in rushing yards while playing through three cracked ribs, ultimately being named Patriot League Most Valuable Player and earning All-American recognition.

Rudesheim held another ceremony, this one more low-key than the earlier one, to present Sassaman with his Bronze Star award. Sassaman looked back upon his commander who led them through some of their toughest combat battles and thought about those they had killed while serving together in Iraq.

At the Randolph VFW Post and District Adjutant of Sassaman made honoring veterans his mission. He worked to restore its original glory while making veterans who have served our country a priority in recognition.

Personal Life

Home, Sassaman is an active member of her local VFW, serving in various capacities. To add some fun and personality to her design of her home, she incorporates oversize jacks by Vermont sculptor David Tanych into its decor.

Self-government had taken hold in her patch of Iraq, while Americans were widely disliked. Young men would throw rocks at patrols and write slogans calling for their deaths on walls around town.

As commander, Sassaman attempted to impose order. He preferred an aggressive approach to counterinsurgency that stretched the concept of nonlethal force to its limit. Although supported by Odierno and Rudesheim, these measures often alienated or killed innocent civilians; his aggressive methods led to charges of war crimes – although Sassaman’s attorneys countered these with claims of operating outside a legal doctrinal framework.

Net Worth

Jack was an enthusiastic supporter of his country and held firm to patriotic ideals and remembering veterans with respect. Additionally, his strong beliefs in family and religion made him someone whom anyone could turn to for help or advice.

He enjoyed spending time with his children, grandchildren, and friends; often taking them out to breakfast on weekends while sharing a few drinks at Legion with his buddies.

Nicole Sassaman currently boasts an estimated net worth of $10 Million and lives a joyful life with husband Raphael Nabet and daughter Ava. She resides in a spacious house while owning several properties or lands throughout California, her hobbies including home design, remodeling and cooking – plus enjoys living the luxurious life while keeping a healthy diet.

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