Jack Shipley

Jack Shipley

Jack Shipley owns and operates the pirate-themed Shipshape Aquarium. After rescuing two orcas and nursing them back to health, he became deeply attached to them and made them part of his personal family. Together with resident veterinarian Herman Crab they pretended to release them back into the ocean but secretly relocated them elsewhere aquarium.

Rimes responded to Orla Buckler’s arrival by draining Orla’s stage show pool during an ongoing cleaning session and having Buckler trip and fall into it during her performance. Rimes then expressed her displeasure by draining Orla’s pool into which Buckler then fell.

Early Life and Education

Jack Shipley was an affable individual with an infectious laugh who loved everyone around him. As manager and owner of the pirate-themed Shipshape Aquarium in Maryland he adopted two orcas and nursed them back to health before passing away at age 65.

He was an outspoken supporter of the Whig party and vocally opposed King George III’s policy of punitive measures against American colonies. He wrote an impassioned speech against this policy; unfortunately due to widespread anti-colonist sentiment in England he could not present it publicly.

Wright effectively cross-examined Rimes about his animus for Orla and succeeded in having him acquitted of all charges. Rimes later returned to the aquarium where he played Redstache in their stage show, judged surf competitions, and cofounded Lightning Bolt Surfboards.

Professional Career

Lawyer, educator and founding faculty member of law school’s semester abroad program in Oxford England. He was known for specializing in DUI defense as well as teaching intellectual property law to law students.

He owned and operated the Shipshape Aquarium, with a pirate theme. After rescuing two orcas named Ora and Orla Shipley from captivity, they became so attached that he refused to release them back into their natural environment. He even convinced Sasha Buckler – Summers’ trainer – to step in as Summers’ replacement in Summers’ stage show, while keeping Summers’ walkie-talkie.

He worked as a real estate broker at The Shipley Company. With an in-depth knowledge of land and forestry, his expertise proves invaluable when helping clients sell their properties.

Achievement and Honors

Shipley was an invaluable director for Aviation Integrated Defense (AID). As its director, he helped special operations pilots and crews accomplish their missions successfully. His tireless dedication is greatly appreciated by Army Special Ops community.

His dedication and infectious laughter brought joy and love into every room he entered. He leaves behind his loving family – wife Gloria from Baton Rouge; their sons and grandchildren from Ocala Florida and Mankato Minnesota; as well as loving friends.

His dedication and commitment to modernizing special operations aviation earned him four Presidential Rank Awards as well as the Department of the Army Superior Civilian Service Award. At his retirement ceremony, General Gus Perna lauded both him and his legacy before offering some parting advice.

Personal Life

Shipley was an influential surf competition judge from Hawaii who established Lightning Bolt Surfboards company and co-founded Hobie Surfboards outlet store in Honolulu; additionally he helped make Pipeline an internationally renowned surfing spot during the 1960s.

Shipley was an active member of the Liberal Party of England and ran as their candidate in several general and local election campaigns between 1974 and 1988, including being councillor leader at Newcastle City Council between 1975 and 1998.

At work, he was known for his quick wit and crowd-pleasing laugh, while his generous nature was evident through his love for family. Gloria survives him along with children, grandchildren and many friends; their loss will also be mourned by devoted staff members.

Net Worth

Shipley serves on several early stage companies’ boards of directors and acts as mentor for Unreasonable Group, an accelerator for social entrepreneurs. He is also an adviser to Lloyds TSB Private Bank’s private banking team – previously serving as head of ultra-high net worth clients before departing due to a management reshuffle last September.

At his aquarium, he took great pride in caring for all the aquatic inhabitants, particularly two orca sisters named Ora and Orla Shipley he found swimming near shore and nursed back to health before adopting them and adding them into his aquatic family.

His current net worth is estimated at an estimated $37 Million. Since 2010, he has made eight trades of Exxon Mobil stock worth $483,681, the biggest being an sale of 5,953 units on 27 November 2015 worth a total of $483,681. XOM shares currently total 223,521.

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